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Flash Forward #5

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Penciler: Brett Booth
Colorist: Luis Guerrero
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: January 15th, 2019

Wally reaches the end goal of his quest and learns that there is a huge sacrifice still to be made if things will return to normal.  He must race against himself to find an answer before time runs out. 

Past and Present Collide in Flash Forward #5


The Multiverse and the Flash have always been closely linked.  The concept of the Multiverse was first solidified in the famous “Flash of Two Worlds” in the Flash #123 in 1961.  At the time this helped to explain how the golden age heroes and the silver age heroes could co-exist in the same comic book universe.  As DC Comics gobbled up smaller publishers, it also explained how these other characters also existed concurrently.  This led to some confusion, which led to Crisis on Infinite Earths, an attempt to clear up as much of the characters’ history and streamline the main universe. 

Still, there have been some ongoing problems therein.  Each Crisis level Multiverse event leads to some abrupt changes and some characters can get left behind.  This happened with Crisis on Infinite Earths and happened again with Flashpoint.  In Flashpoint Wally West ceased to be the primary Flash in the DC universe.  Instead as rebooted into the new 52, Barry Allen got his old job back, and Wally West disappeared for a bit.  He was reintroduced, though not to most fan’s liking, and once again was mostly lost.  What Flash Forward has been so far has been an attempt to not only redeem one of these heroes that were left behind, but also to put the control for that character into his own hands in the comic.  This series thus far has been strong and powerful, but can Flash Forward #5 keep this momentum going?


F;ash Forward #5 variant cover by INHYUK LEE
F;ash Forward #5 variant cover by INHYUK LEE

As with the rest of the series thus far, Scott Lobdell has the writing duties in Flash Forward #5.  Though Lobdell has limited exposure to the Flash and the Multiverse in his writing career, he has made the series work thus far and continues to do so here.  The previous issues dealt with some fun pseudo-crossovers or alternate versions of characters.  By this point in the penultimate issue of this series, the focus has turned to Wally himself.  The writing here really accomplishes the characterization and motivation of the title’s main hero.  There is really nothing wrong to say about the writing at this point in the series. 


As with the last issue, Brett Booth works on pencils and Luis Guerrero works with color.  There is really a lot going on this issue.  There is all the running, but also the Multiverse.  Despite the quality of art in these hard to control environments, the best work here is with Wally’s personal moments.  The art team switches from lightspeed to mellow panel by panel and make it work well. 


Perhaps the best compliment that a comic issue can be given is when the reader finishes it and wants to just keep going.  When that last panel is a rude and abrupt end to an enjoyable read.  That is the case here.  The creative team have told and drawn the perfect story here, and the reader could only wish that Flash Forward #6 could come sooner. 



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