Review – Fusion Fight Gear TMNT Limited Edition Gi

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Limited Edition Gi

So, this will probably be a first for Word of the Nerd. But I will be reviewing Fusion Fight Gear’s Limited Edition TMNT Gi. If you have read my bio or follow me on social media then you know I am big into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay-Thai, really any combat sport. Training and competing over the years I have amassed so all kinds of gloves, wraps, mouthpieces, etc… I have been practicing BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) for over 13 years so I have owned many gis; when I saw Fusion Fight Gear was releasing a limited edition TMNT gi, I had to have it. I mean if you read my articles you know I am a TMNT fanboy for life! Luckily the pre-order for the gi started right around my birthday and it came in last week. So, let’s get to it!


image via Fusion Fight Gear’s website

As this is probably a first for the site, many of you may be wondering what a gi exactly is. Basically, it is what you see a martial artist wear all the time. The jacket that folds across the chest and long pants. The jacket for Jiu-Jitsu and Judo is much thicker than, say, Karate or Aikido, in that it is used for throws, chokes and different holds; the pants are also a lot thicker as well, for grappling. With the pictures, you get the idea. Through the years the looks have been updated from your classic all-white. Now you can get an array of colors and designs. So let’s get to the specifics of the Fusion Fight Gear TMNT Gi.


back panel

Obviously, the biggest thing for this gi is the design. It uses the original Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman art from issue #1 of the original TMNT comic book series. First, right out of the package, it looks fantastic. The stitching on the artwork worked into the outside of the gi is wonderfully done. The black and white with the red mask really stands out on the white gi perfectly. It almost has a glimmer or shine to it. The left arm and left pant leg feature a panel with the four Turtles with weapons ready. Again, it looks great with the black background and red mask. The back of the jacket features a large panel of one of the Turtles with “Peter Laird’s and Kevin Eastman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” underneath. It is much larger than the picture does justice to, and the slim vertical panel fits well on the back.

The red outline on the sides of the jacket and belt loops is also a nice design touch, along with red stitched Turtle shell on the front of the jacket and pant leg and Fusion Fight Gear logo on the right arm. The red looks fantastic as it contrasts well with not only the white gi but the red mask of the Turtles as well.

Little Details

What a fantastic lining!

Probably the coolest feature on the outside of the jacket is also the smallest. If you look at the bottom of the left lapel, embroidered on it is the original Kevin Eastman sketch of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before they redefined the design. This is just an incredible little detail that I adore. Some serious geek cred to whoever decided to add this!

Now, there is a lot of comic-book goodness going on in the inside jacket of this gi. You get some beautifully printed comic book panels from issue #1 inside, printed on a great mesh material. Obviously, this is from the colored reprint of the issue, but it looks splendid, when opening the jacket, to see the Turtles jumping out at you surrounded by various panels from the issue. It is really stunning how cool it looks to open this white gi to this splendid array of comic book panels and giant Turtles. You also get a killer carrying bag as well, featuring the Turtles. The best thing is the bag is large enough to carry your gi without having to tightly fold it to barely squeeze it in.

Fit and Performance

So the thing looks incredible; that is all good and all, but it has to be able to perform as well. You are going to be sweating in it, having people pull and stretch it in all different directions. Plus it is going to be washed quite often as well, depending on how often you wear it. So the first thing is the fit. I normally wear an A2 in most gis I have owned. So, I was a little concerned when the sizing chart suggested an A1.

I stand around 5 foot 6 inches tall and usually around 150-160 lbs right now. So, I contacted Fusion Fight Gear to make sure on the fit. Their customer service was fantastic! I actually commented on their Instagram profile and they were quick with a response about the fit of the gi. Plus other people who bought other gis from them were quick to quell my sizing fears.

Like a Glove

First trying on the gi it seems to fit well, obviously never being worn be for like all gis being such thick material it feels a little stiff and will take a few wearings to get broken in. I like that the pants have a good solid cord to tighten and they also give you an extra cord as well. The pants also have a nice black thicker material in the crotch for more grip. Which for BJJ guys is fantastic (everybody else probably thinks that sentence is weird). The pants are crazy comfortable as well.

I am a little worried about the gi shrinking after washing. Which, if you follow the washing instructions, you should be okay. Obviously, if you need to shrink it some that can always be done. But man, the fit is perfect for me; actually had one comment saying it looked tailored for me (excuse me while I blush). But that perfect fit, again, has me somewhat concerned about possibly shrinking after washing.

Too Legit to Quit

I have never owned a gi from Fusion Fight Gear. I do own a The Flash rashguard and the old-school TMNT rashguard (which is awesome as well) from them. They are legit made-for-grappling rashguards and very high quality with heavy duty material. I also follow Fusion Fight Gear on social media and they are active in the BJJ/combat sports community, so I wasn’t worried a bit about this gi’s performance on the mats, or the material it was made out of.

Obviously, only having it for a week, I can’t comment on longevity or how it holds up over time, but for right now everything feels great, and solid construction all around. They seem like a great company as well. Like I said, the customer service was top notch, and the shipping was incredibly fast, noting that it came from Canada.


If you are a TMNT fan and practice BJJ this is almost a must-have (along with the sweet-looking rashguard). Fusion Fight Gear is a legit “nerd” company for the combat sports enthusiast. They have tons of officially licensed gear from all kinds of different properties. I love that they embraced the old school TMNT designs. The gi really stands out in a good way. The outside is subtle enough to show off some TMNT love but not be too over-packed with designs. While the inside jacket gives all the TMNT love you could ever want! Note they only produced 200 of these limited edition TMNT gis. I pre-ordered mine (official #5 out of 200) but they have a limited amount on their website for $149 (plus shipping), which is a very reasonable price.

Real quick: I know this is new for the site, but I hope to do more reviews for “geek” combat gear in the future. I know Fusion has a ton of cool stuff and I have seen others (I am looking at you, Hayabusa Marvel boxing gloves) I may review in the future. So, if you would like to see more stuff like this, let me know in the comments.

[Editor’s note: All images used in this article were borrowed from Fusion Fight Gear. There is no way we could show you all the details here, so PLEASE go and have a look on Fusion’s site!]

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