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Ghost-Spider #6

Writer: Seanan McGuire
Artists: Ig Guara & Rosi Kampe
Colorist: Ian Herring
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: January 8th, 2020

Ghost-Spider #6 is full to the brim of flashbacks, character development, revelations, and so much more. This is Gwen Stacy at her best.


The Perks of Being a Superhero in Ghost-Spider #6

Ghost-Spider #6 is a different sort of issue with Gwen Stacy giving herself a chance to breathe for a few moments. Though that won’t stop her from stumbling across trouble – that seems to be a talent of hers.

Everybody needs a break, even the one, and only Ghost-Spider. Things have been hectic lately, and it’s about time that Gwen allowed herself to have some fun. And she treats her friends/fellow band-mates to some fun as well. This issue is perfect for the fans out there that have been desperate for more comparisons between the different earths.


Ghost-Spider #6 (Marvel Comics) cover by Greg Land
Ghost-Spider #6 (Marvel Comics) cover by Greg Land

Ghost-Spider #6 is one of those issues that surprises you with how much information has been snuck into the pages. Given that Seanan McGuire is at the helm of the series, that probably shouldn’t be surprising, but it is impressive.

This is an issue full of flashbacks, introductions, fun, and action. Gwen is still being pulled in a hundred different directions – but she’s starting to really master balancing all of it. There’s something so liberating about seeing Gwen this free and happy.

Perhaps the most notable part of this issue isn’t the positive side of things, but rather the effort spent in introducing a new plot. You see, those flashbacks were shown to us with intent. There’s something bigger going on here, and it feels like it’s going to blow wide open in the next issue.

Gwen’s latest adventure is the ideal balance. It is fun and light, while still being packed with action and foreshadowing. It’s exactly what a fan hopes for in regards to an issue spent establishing a trend. And I for one am very much looking forward to seeing what happens next.


As mentioned above, there’s a lot going on in Ghost-Spider #6. The fact that the artistic team can keep up with all of the changes makes it that much more impressive. We have flashbacks from two different sets of people, alongside several present-day events. And yet they’re all clear and distinct.

Additionally, there’s a fairly satisfying bit of action that occurs. That scenario was fun to see because it really showed off just how useful Ghost-Spider can be in that situation. Artists Ig Guara and Rosi Kampe worked well together here, in order to provide us with something both light and dynamic.

Then there’s the color palette, provided by Ian Herring. Those colors are divine – especially all of the transitions between the different scenes. The bright colors match each scenario perfectly, while also providing some intense backdrops to look at.

Finally, there’s VC’s Clayton Cowles, the letterer for this issue. Their work is always solid, but I found myself especially fond of the work shown in this issue. Especially in regards to all of the sound effects shown.


Ghost-Spider #6 is a fun diversion for our Gwen Stacy – while also taking the time to set up something looming on the horizon. It’s a perfect balance and one that will go a long way in holding our interest.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what sort of twist this latest revelation is going to cause. But we’ll just have to be patient for the next issue, huh?

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