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GI Joe #6
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GI Joe #6

Writer: Paul Allor
Artist: Chris Evenhuis
Colorist: Brittany Peer
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: May 27, 2020

A mission aboard a COBRA train goes a little off the rails, but the Joes do what they do best. But, at the end of the day, was it all worth it?


Mission Control GI Joe #6

It has been a long, long time since I have dug into a GI Joe book, but with still not too many releases coming out, I figured I would jump into GI Joe #6. Obviously, I have not read any of this series, so I am going in cold turkey. I was happy to see that Paul Allor was writing this issue, because I usually enjoy his work. I don’t have a ton of Joe nostalgia. Played with the action figures some, and I remember watching the cartoon, but that’s about it.

GI Joe #6 (IDW Publishing) cover by Chris Evenhuis
GI Joe #6 (IDW Publishing) cover by Chris Evenhuis

So, GI Joe #6 seems to be introducing some new Joes, on a mission to infiltrate and take some object from COBRA. We got a new Joe, “Fadeaway”, that was a former COBRA tech person. From the recap page, this is the Joes’ new “MO”. Get some civilians and train them as combat warriors to fight COBRA, who has taken over the world. The Joes infiltrate a COBRA train and the mission begins; everything goes well until it doesn’t in GI Joe #6. Fadeaway is recognized, but is this person a friend or enemy? During the mission debriefing, some Joes have more problems with the mission than others.


As noted previously, I am a big Paul Allor fan; he does some great character work and writing. Not knowing much about this series, I was glad to see his name on it. In general, I liked the idea and thought behind the basic story of GI Joe #6. Basically it is told from the standpoint of a debriefing after the mission. So, we are told in flashbacks of what exactly went down. It is a good storytelling method and Allor uses it well.

Allor paces the story well with this setup. We get to go back and forth and it keeps the tension up of what happened or what may or may not have gone wrong. I liked the ending as well; to remain spoiler-free, it was a nice little military twist. Scarlett as the leader and debriefer was a standout character. I liked her no-nonsense approach and Allor captured the voice of what a leader in her position would be like.

The other characters, not so much. They all felt kind of boring. The dialogue was all a bit much at times. It didn’t really just seem to gel. At times I felt I was getting lectured at.  Everything just felt like it kind of happened, more by the numbers type stuff. The story was okay but didn’t really elicit the excitement or the drama that should have been there. In the few pages it did not feel like Allor built the connection between characters that needed to be there.


Chris Evenhuis and Brittany Peer handle the art duties on GI Joe #6. Evenhuis has a very “clean”, tight style and it works well for character designs and general layout of GI Joe #6. All the characters have a good individual look to them and Evenhuis brings out their personalities in the character designs. 

There are a lot of good background details throughout GI Joe #6. Evenhuis makes the environment around the characters come alive and brings you into the story well. I do wish his style wasn’t so “static”. Everything feels so still and motionless. It also transfers over to the characters’ facial expressions. They have different facial expressions but they are missing that bit that makes them feel genuine.

I liked the coloring work from Brittany Peer in the non-flashback sequences in GI Joe #6. It fits well with Evenhuis’s designs and work. The flashback uses a lot of purple and pink hues that I don’t think really worked. It just feels kind of off.


GI Joe #6 is not bad, but it is not great either. From the perspective of someone just jumping into the middle of this series, I didn’t really feel lost. The opening page catches you up to speed pretty much, but the story itself just kind of dragged along. It had some high points, but overall the characters and story were just lacking. The art is on the same level: not bad, but I am not entirely sure it worked all that well with helping tell a compelling story.

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