Review – Go Go Power Rangers #1

Go Go Power Rangers #1

Saved by the Bell

This Power Rangers series is BOOM! Studios’ second ongoing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series. While the main series focuses more on big battles and a more “epic” ongoing story, Go Go Power Rangers is going to focus more on the characters behind the mask and more of their day to day lives. We are still going to get fights with putty patrollers and Rita’s monsters; it just won’t be the main focus of the series. Go Go Power Rangers #1 starts right after their very first battle as Power Rangers. Trini, Zack, Jason, Billy, and Kimberly are still trying to get to know one another and come to terms with what is happening. They are doing all this while still juggling their high school lives.


Ryan Parrott does a fantastic job of introducing these characters to us for the “first” time and each individual gets a great introduction. I feel as Parrott has really caught the “voices” of each individual well and is bringing something new to the table. For the first issue at least we are digging a lot deeper into these characters and who they are personally, while also getting some much-needed backstory. We still get some great action scenes and fights, but I am really digging watching these kids juggle their lives with being Power Rangers.


Dan Mora is a wonderful artist to have on this series. I knew Mora’s art from the beautiful Klaus and the Witch of Winter and was very excited he was going to be working on this series. Mora does some really great character designs in this issue and gives each character great individuality and flare. He has great cartooning skills and really gets emotion and feelings out of all of his characters. Mora does some really fun action scenes also, he has a great sense of getting the “energy” off the page when the kicks and punches start flying. Raúl Angulo’s colors are really fitting for this series. He does not go super bright, but it is not dark either. He toes that line and brings the colors, for the perfect match to Dan Mora’s drawing and the overall tone of the series. The art is just good comic book art through and through.


This first issue is a magnificent start to this series and exactly what I want out of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. BOOM! Studios’ other ongoing MMPR series is great for its own reasons, but this has what I am looking for. I love the focus on the characters as a whole and learning more about them as individuals. I also love that this is starting from the beginning and that they are still coming to terms with what has happened and how this is going to affect their whole lives. The whole creative team just nails the theme and tone of this book and they have me very excited to pick up the next issue! That “Morphin Time!” scene was just grand! Go buy this book today!

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