Review – Go Go Power Rangers #10 (BOOM! Studios)

Kimberly vs. Evil Kimberly in Go Go Power Rangers #10

In Go Go Power Rangers #10 the gang is still trying to gather themselves after their first battle with the Ranger Slayer. Kimberly, in particular, does not know what to think about this evil version of herself. This is not all the Rangers have to deal with, as Matt has finally come back to school and he thinks he has found a connection between the Power Rangers and himself! The Ranger Slayer is not done with these Rangers yet as the “Gravezord” attacks downtown Angel Grove! The Rangers morph into battle, but the Ranger Slayer has some more nefarious schemes up her sleeve!


Go Go Power Rangers #10 (BOOM! Studios) cover A by Dan Mora
cover A by Dan Mora

Once again, I am not overly sure how Go Go Power Rangers #10 fits into the whole Shattered Grid events. I am only reading Go Go Power Rangers so all the stuff about Shattered Grid is pretty lost on me. So, on that note, I can only judge the story by what I know, and even though I am not following the story of Shattered Grid across the other series, Parrott continues to do a good job of getting the story across. I like that Parrott continues to let this series tell its own story while fitting in with Shattered Grid.

The Rangers are still dealing with their personal problems. The last issue we learned Jason’s dad is probably dying of cancer or some other disease. Parrott digs into that issue in a heartbreaking way in Go Go Power Rangers #10.

I like the Ranger Slayer and the threat she brings to the Rangers. I also like the threat that she poses to Rita Repulsa in doing the one thing she has repeatedly failed to do: defeat the Power Rangers. It feels there will be some interesting dynamics come up between Rita and the Ranger Slayer in the next issue may be. Matt’s conspiracy theory between his connection and the Power Rangers is probably the most interesting part and I am still super interested to see how this new character plays into the Rangers lives.


Dan Mora continues to do some superb work in Go Go Power Rangers #10. We get more great individual Zords battling against the Gravezord. If you have read any of my reviews you know I love me some individual Zords battling monsters and this issue delivers once again. Mora also brings that wonderful Gravezord design to life. The Gravezord is the Ranger Slayer’s Zord, pieced together from other Rangers’ Zords she has defeated. It is a beautiful-looking design that Mora captures perfectly. It is sleek and intimidating and Mora brings some wonderful detail to it. Raúl Angulo’s colors continue to match perfectly with Mora’s pencils and inks. 

After 10 issues the art continues to amaze me each in every time. Go Go Power Rangers #10 is no different. This is a killer art team that brings this series to life. From coloring work that catches the tone of the series perfectly, to Mora’s animated detailed styling, the series is a joy to look at.


I am not the biggest fan of this tying in with Shattered Grid but Parrott has continued to make this series a great read. The core of the book remains intact and introducing the Ranger Slayer has opened up some interesting story points. Again, the art is phenomenal and I enjoy every second of looking at this series. There is really no reason any comic book fan should not be reading this!

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