Review – Go Go Power Rangers #11 (BOOM! Studios)

Go Go Power Rangers #11 Cover Artists: Miguel Mercado & Dan Mora

Go Go Power Rangers #11: Days of Future Past

Previously in Go Go Power Rangers, our favorite teenagers with attitude had their second bout against The Ranger Slayer. The future Kimberly/Pink Ranger has been thoroughly thrashing our Rangers. Now she has sent her “Gravezord” to distract the team while she infiltrates the headquarters. Luckily our past Kimberly has figured out her plan and confronts her directly in Go Go Power Rangers #11. Can our young inexperienced Pink Ranger defeat her older, stronger, faster, smarter future self?


Obviously, if you have read any of my reviews for this series you know I adore it and feel Ryan Parrott has been killing it. I was a little concerned with this series crossing over with the whole Shattered Grid event but Parrott has handled it well. The only question I do have, and this would probably be answered if I was following the whole event is, we have started the past few issues of Go Go Power Rangers with a future/alternate universe.  Kimberly is leading the resistance against Lord Drakkon with Bulk as her second in command, but this Ranger Slayer I guess is supposed to be that same good Kimberly in the future and this same Kimberly in the past? I don’t really know how all that falls into place.  It does not ruin the issue or anything just something that bugs me.

As the issue goes Go Go Power Rangers #11 is a solid entry into the series. Parrott continues to do a lot of great character building and Kimberly obviously gets a lot of the spotlight in this issue. Parrott does some fantastic work with her and adds some real depth to her. I will say it is not the best issue of this series for me. Go Go Power Rangers #11 deals a lot with the Shattered Grid storyline and for me personally, I do not really care anything about that. I just want to continue the adventures with these Rangers and continue to watch Ryan Parrott grow these characters.

Go Go Power Rangers #11 Cover Art by Audrey Mok
Go Go Power Rangers #11 Cover Art by Audrey Mok

Parrott does do some fun things in Go Go Power Rangers #11. I cannot really write about them without spoiling anything. If you like Ernie’s Juice Bar (and who doesn’t) you will have a pleasant surprise. I still like what Parrott is doing with this “new” Matt character he introduced at the beginning of this series.  He is taking him in an interesting direction.


To no one’s surprise, the art is still phenomenal in Go Go Power Rangers #11. Dan Mora and Raul Angulo are still as incredible as they have been since the beginning. Dan Mora plays with some fun panel angles and structures in this issue. That juice bar thing I was talking about, well Mora makes it an incredible wonderful visual piece to look at. With all kinds of funky layouts and angles. Angulo throws in some psychedelic colors that just make it an awesome page.

Mora continues to do some truly great character work and design. I have stated it several times in the past but these characters look great.  The way Mora has designed them to catch the essence of the original actors but yet still be all his own is excellent. I really couldn’t see anybody else and nor would I want to see anybody else on this series besides Dan Mora and Raul Angulo.


While Go Go Power Rangers #11 was not my favorite entry to the series, it still is a very solid story and still has incredible art. I might like it more if I was more invested in The Shattered Grid storyline, but for me personally, I do not care about that. I like this series with these Rangers. Ryan Parrott has gotten me very invested in these characters and their story. So, for me, it looks like it is good that this is probably the last issue involving the whole Shattered Grid thing. This issue does have an homage cover to Kevin Smith’s Mallrats poster and I have never wanted a variant cover so bad in my life!

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