Review – Go Go Power Rangers #12 (BOOM! Studios)

Go Go Power Rangers #12
  • Writing - 7.5/10
  • Art - 9/10
  • Overall - 8.3/10


Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Dan Mora
Colorist: Raúl Angulo
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Release: August 1, 2018

Has the Ranger Slayer turned over a new leaf or has she tricked the Rangers once again?

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Secrets Unveiled in Go Go Power Rangers #12 

The Ranger Slayer continues to throw the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for a loop in Go Go Power Rangers #12. It seemed like after Kimberly confronted her future self that the spell Lord Drakkon had put over the Ranger Slayer was broken. She became the “old” Kimberly and even went to Ernie’s juice bar for old time sake. But towards the end of issue #11, Billy caught the Ranger Slayer messing with some tech at the Power Rangers headquarters and was knocked out by her.

Has the Ranger Slayer really been broken from the control of Lord Drakkon? Rita, the ever opportunist, has sent down two fierce monsters to take out the Rangers while they are still attempting to recover from their battle with the Ranger Slayer and her Grave Zord. These two monsters may be too much too soon for the wounded heroes to take on.  Luckily they may get some help from an unlikely person!


Go Go Power Rangers is another tie-in with the ongoing Shattered Grid event happening in the Power Rangers Universe. I was kind of hoping it would be over with by now. The whole Ranger Slayer situation is very confusing and having the start of the issue taking part in the future/alternate universe does not help a lot. I will say Parrott has been using the Shattered Grid storyline mostly to his advantage with Go Go Power Rangers.

Go Go Power Rangers #12 Artist: Audrey Mok
Go Go Power Rangers #12 Artist: Audrey Mok

He uses the future Kimberley (the Ranger Slayer) to push some more emotional beats in this storyline. Parrott does a very interesting thing with the character of Matt in Go Go Power Rangers #12. I have been wondering what would become of this new character Parrott introduced at the start of this series and it seems like we are getting an answer at the end of this issue.

Parrott continues to push some other storylines in this issue. Jason and his dad’s apparent medical problem is dealt with a little bit. I could do more with that storyline and less with the Shattered Grid stuff. I am hoping that these things come back in focus more after Shattered Grid is over.


So, the saddest part about Go Go Power Rangers #12 is this is apparently Dan Mora’s final issue on this series. Artist Eleonora Carlini will be taking over when issue #13 hits the shelves next month. I am truly going to miss Dan Mora on this series and not sure if it will be the same without him.

His elegant cartooning style fits so well with the tone of this series. He truly captured the wonderment and joy of the beginning of the Rangers becoming who they are. His attention to detail and beautiful character work just matched Parrott’s story superbly. Mora’s layouts and action sequence are filled with energy and motion. His characters gave off great emotion and brought you into the story.

Mora does go out with a bang in Go Go Power Rangers #12. He has some stunning scenes throughout this issue. Most I can’t talk about without revealing some major spoilers. There is one scene where Mora places different future events shown through the reflection of a particular Rangers helmet and it is stunningly well done. And the surprising way the Rangers take out Rita’s two new monsters is a great piece of art.

Furthermore, I am hoping Raúl Angulo is staying on colors. He does tremendous work and will hopefully make the transition for the new artist not too shocking.


Go Go Power Rangers #12 should be the last tie-in to Shattered Grid and hopefully it gets back to how the series started. Not that these past issues have been bad, just that Shattered Grid has taken some focus off some more intriguing storylines. Man, I am going to miss Dan Mora’s art on this series. He has been wonderful since the beginning and I am truly sad to see him go. Though I am excited to see what he comes out with next. He has some incredible pages throughout this issue and leaves some big shoes to fill. 

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