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Go Go Power Rangers #14
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Go Go Power Rangers #14

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Eleonora Carlini 
Colorist: Raúl  Angulo
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Release: November 14, 2018

Jason and Trini are trapped on a strange planet with Rita Repulsa. Rita is no stranger to this world and it may hold the key to her finally getting rid of the Rangers for good!


“Strangers in a Strange Land” Go Go Power Rangers #14


Jason and Trini are trapped on an odd new Planet with Rita Repulsa. This new land is inhabited by strange dinosaur-like creatures and hostile natives. Trini and Jason have also seemed for some reason to have switched costumes and morphing powers. Trini now dawns the red ranger Tyrannosaurus costume and sword while Jason transforms into the yellow, dagger-wielding saber-tooth tiger. What is even stranger about this land is Rita has some tie to it and its native inhabitants and she thinks it holds the key to her finally defeating the Power Rangers. Can Zordon and the other Rangers find their friends or are they lost forever in Go Go Power Rangers #14?


Ryan Parrott continues to script a fantastic continuing story in Go Go Power Rangers #14.  The main story of Rita’s new plan on this new planet is very interesting along with having Jason and Trini having to deal with each other but also being separated from everyone else. It takes some nice twists and turns throughout the issue that keeps the reader on their toes.

I like that not only do we have this main plot to follow, but Parrott also has some ongoing B, C, D plots that continue to develop. Like Baboo and Squat possibly undermining Rita, Kimmy still dealing with the whole Matt situation. Billy continues his ongoing struggling home life. We also previously saw the introduction of Billy’s famous car. Now in this issue, Zack takes over Jason’s karate class for some hip-hop kido which was just terrific to see. 

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

We also get a nice glimpse of Jason’s life before he started karate in Go Go Power Rangers #14. It was teased in previous issues that Jason wasn’t always as noble and moral as he now is. He may have once been quite the bully and we get to see a little of how he was set on the right path and became the person we know him as today.


Eleonora Carlini continues on art duties in Go Go Power Rangers #14. She has taken over from Dan Mora since issue #13. Her art style continues to grow on me. I am not the biggest fan of the way some of the characters chins and faces look. Sometimes they have some odd features that seem a little off at times. I do love how she draws Rita Repulsa, she looks fantastic. Carlini gives a bit of a charm or shine to her that makes her character pop off the pages. 

Carlini draws some fantastic weird dinosaur creatures as well; they look terrifying on the pages. Her layouts and panel structure are great in Go Go Power Rangers #14. I love the way she lays out the more “talking head” scenes in the issue. She makes them very dynamic and interesting the way she sets up the panels. That Hip Hop Kido scene is also tremendously well done by Carlini. Raúl Angulo’s colors continue to be great. There is a wonderful scene of Rita fighting and the nice energy blast from her staff is a quite shocking pink and he gives a nice demon like glow to her eyes that is marvelous.


Ryan Parrott keeps delivering some wonderful stories in this series. In Go Go Power Rangers he somehow continues to grow each and every character and continues to fill out their backstories in delightful ways. All the plots are equally interesting and he keeps the reader fully engaged from page to page and issue to issue. Eleonora Carlini does deliver some great pages in Go Go Power Rangers #14. While I am not the biggest fan of some of the facial expressions and how they are shaped, overall I am starting to dig her style on this series. If you are not reading this series you are really missing out on a great comic book!

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