Review – Go Go Power Rangers #2

Go Go Power Rangers #2

Fast Time at Angel Grove High

At the end of issue #1 of Go Go Power Rangers, the team made a drastic mistake in only their second battle as Power Rangers. While trying to rescue the two astronauts who accidentally set Rita Repulsa free the Rangers accidentally used their real names while fighting, giving Rita vital information of who they may be under their helmets! Now the Rangers must not only deal with the thought that a psycho moon which may know who they are putting themselves, family and friends in danger they also still have to deal with the fall out of being a power ranger. That means juggling school, friendships, love lives and a lot of lying to family and friends, all while trying to save the world.


In Go Go Power Rangers #2 we get some more information on a character named Matthew Cook. In the first Issue, we find out he is dating Kimberly and he has been long time friends with Zack, Billy, Jason, and Trini. This is a totally new character introduced into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lore and without spoiling the ending we find out that everyone has not always been friends as we would like to think.

I am really digging what Ryan Parrott is doing with this series, we get a lot of storytelling done in flashbacks before the group even became Power Rangers and it is really helping develop these characters and it makes the reader latch onto them more. I also like that the Rangers are exploring their powers and what they can do and look forward to seeing more of this in future issues. Parrott really knows how to amp up the drama also with these characters and without spoiling anything, he makes the group dynamic super interesting and changes everything we thought we knew by the end of Go Go Power Rangers #2.


Dan Mora’s art is shining in Go Go Power Rangers #2. Mora show’s off great timing and panel structure/layout in this Issue; he really ramps up the dramatics of Ryan Parrott’s script with the way he lays out each scene and with some really fantastic character work. The facial expressions on the character are wonderfully done and really help drive the story home by having the characters look and react appropriately to what is happening, that goes along with when you cannot see their faces their body language matches what they are saying and what is happening in each scene and it just makes you get lost in the book. Mora also does a great job with Rita and her henchman; they all look very creepy and diabolical while still having that goofy charm to them. Raúl Angulo does some beautiful color work on Go Go Power Rangers #2, scenes switch from bright to dark often and Angulo makes them fit perfectly and the opening scene at a carnival just looks absolutely stunning with the variety of colors he uses. 


Go Go Power Rangers is a wonderful read and is absolutely new reader friendly to anyone that wants to jump on board the Power Rangers train. That is a big deal for a series like this as it takes time to develop these characters and get you invested in them. It is fantastic for anybody just getting into the series or long time Power Rangers fans. I love what this series is doing going way back before the Zack, Trini, Billy, Jaso, and Kimberly became Power Rangers and were just “teenagers with attitudes” and focusing on their first days as Power Rangers. The creative team just a superb job of balancing the flashbacks with the present day story line and delivering a great read!

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