Review – Go Go Power Rangers #3

Go Go Power Rangers #3

Your Favorite Weapon

In Go Go Power Rangers #3 Matthew is becoming “paranoid” about how his friends Zack, Trini, Kimberly, Jason, and Billy are acting toward him. After what happened on “Arrival Day” it seems everyone is hush, hush and it feels like he is not a part of the group anymore, even Kimberly has been missing or bailing out of their date nights, something is up but he doesn’t know what? The Rangers continue to learn more about their powers and how to balance their newfound abilities with their normal everyday lives. The Rangers are not going to have long to rest as Rita has a plan to uncover their true identities and Angel Grove will need the help of the Power Rangers once again when one of her monsters attack!


I cannot brag enough on Ryan Parrott’s writing and scripting on this series! Since issue #1 he has added so much to the Ranger characters and their back stories that it feels like a whole new beginning, it is absolutely wonderful how he has kept the core concept of the original Power Rangers but added some superb character depth to the original cast. The original show was not much on characters back stories or having them “grow”, it was more focused on monster battles and ninja fighting, which was perfect for the six-year-old me. Parrott has flipped the script around and while there is still monster battles and ninja fighting we are getting some superb character work and I am loving every minute of it.

The only minor complaint and I am not sure it is a valid complaint because I’m sure it will be picked up on in another issue or two, but at the end of the last Issue in a flashback to before they became Power Rangers Kimberly was not friends with the group, Matthew Cook was actually dating her and introduced her to everybody and to top it all off Trini and Zack have some kind of “beef” with her. This plot point is not brought up in Go Go Power Rangers #3 and I was excited to learn more, but I am sure it will be expanded upon in later issues.


Dan Mora continues to do marvelous work in Go Go Power Rangers #3. He does some remarkable character work in this Issue, one scene, in particular, Zack, Trini, Jason, and Billy are in the background while Kimberly and Matthew are talking after having to scramble to cover their secret and the expressions on their faces are perfectly done and in great detail for them to be “out of focus” on the panel. The action is light in this issue but the panel set up and layouts make it flow perfectly and it never feels slow or drawn out.

Raúl Angulo has some excellent coloring work in Go Go Power Rangers #3 also, his colors just fit the tone and feel of this series so well, I guess you could say his colors set the tone and feel of the series. They are the almost perfect balance of bright and “happy” while not going overboard. It gives the series that lighthearted feel, while still not being overly cartoonish. Ed Dukeshire’s lettering balances the series out nicely and he really gives the emotion to the characters voices and brings the whole series to life.


Go Go Power Rangers is absolutely stunning in all aspects of comic book storytelling! The story is fantastic it has drama, humor, and action. It will make you cringe, laugh and jump out of your seat in excitement; making you salivate for the next issue. The art team captures the “teenagers with attitude” perfectly making the story jump off the page! Power Ranger fan or not you are doing yourself a disservice if you are not picking up Go Go Power Rangers. It’s the lives of the original Power Rangers you never knew they had, and in Go Go Power Rangers #3 things only get more mixed up in their already hectic lives.

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