Review – Go Go Power Rangers #4

Go Go Power Rangers #4

New Kids on the Block

Go Go Power Rangers #4 continues the Power Rangers adventures during their first few outings being Rangers. Rita has unleashed another monster upon Angel Grove and the “teenagers with attitude” are struggling to get away from their peers to morph into their ranger forms. Matthew has been badly hurt by the monster known as Flog and Kimberly must decide whether to leave his side and help the other Rangers fight or to stay with her boyfriend. We also get to delve a little more into the Rangers past before they were Power Rangers and just regular teenagers and we find out what the riff between Kimberly and Zack, the “salad girl” incident! While the Rangers battle Flog to save the city, Rita has a more insidious plan up her sleeve and it involves the Rangers friend and Kimberly’s boyfriend, Matthew!


Well if you read Go Go Power Rangers and my reviews of the series you will know I am very happy we learned about the “salad girl” incident, I was worried we wouldn’t hear much about it until later on down the road but Parrott delivers the details in a flashback in Go Go Power Rangers #4, I also like we get some more developments into Kimberly’s past in the flashback sequence as well. Ryan Parrott continues to just deliver some great storytelling with Go Go Power Rangers #4, he continues to bring out great characteristics in the Rangers and build upon these characters like no one has done before. He also does well with these character-building moments and matching with well with more action-oriented scenes. The creative team really packs a lot of storytelling into one issue and they do a great job of flowing the story from issue to issue.


Don Mora also continues to be a wonderful storyteller in Go Go Power Rangers #4; he blends the dramatic sequences with action so well. The design for the monster Flog is really well done and makes me excited to see what other kinds of creatures pop up throughout the series. Raul Angulo’s continues to also be a highlight of the series on colors, the Rangers costumes really “pop” in this issue and makes you appreciate their simplistic design. There is a great panel of the zords combining into the Megazord and the nostalgia of seeing that page in such great detail, with Ed Dukeshire adding in “Go Go Power Rangers!” is almost too much for me to handle, you can literally hear the theme playing in your head as you look over that page, it is truly great. The art team just delivers again in Go Go Power Rangers #4 and they show no signs of letting up.


Go Go Power Rangers #4 is just another excellent entry into a series that has really surprised me at how good it is. The creative team is delivering exactly what I want from a Power Rangers series. We get great character development throughout the core cast and there are actual ramifications and stakes to their actions. I really just love everything about this series, I mean eventual if it goes on long enough things will have to change, but for now, I am just enjoying these beginning days of the Power Rangers. Really there is not much to complain about this series, we have gotten more information about the original Power Rangers in four issues than the show ever did in its entirety. It is great to see the creative team just use the characters and plot of the original show as a skeleton and build their own mythology around it and cannot wait to see what happens in the next issue!

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