Review – Go Go Power Rangers #5 (BOOM! Studios)

Deep Trouble for the Rangers in Go Go Power Rangers #5

In the last issue of Go Go Power Rangers, Matt was badly hurt when one of Rita’s monsters attacked the city. In Go Go Power Rangers #5 the Rangers start to ramp up their training to improve their skills. Plus, they still have a lot to learn about their powers. Things are not getting any easier for in their lives as now they have jobs at Ernie’s juice bar and the big homecoming dance is coming up!

Go Go Power Rangers #5 Variant CoverKimberly and the Rangers continue to be concerned for Matt, but he seems to make a very fast recovery and is maybe acting a little weird. But hey, he was just attacked by a giant monster! Little do they know, Rita has replaced their friend Matt with a new shape-shifting Putty Patroller and is now interrogating the real Matt to get secrets about the Rangers. Secrets only a true friend would know. Will Matt give up his friends secrets? Can the Rangers continue to balance their lives without breaking up their friendships? Will Bulk become homecoming king? You are going to have to read Go Go Power Rangers #5 to find out!

So Ryan Parrott puts a thing in Go Go Power Rangers #5 that I’ve always wanted to see more of in the Power Rangers television show: the individual Zords’ fighting. I guess I was a weird kid, but I always loved the few times we got to see the individual Zords do the fighting and not form together. We rarely saw it in the show, but it always fascinated me when it happened. I was sad we did not get to see it often. Well, Parrott puts a lot of that in this issue and I absolutely loved it. I am just going to say he did it just for me.

Parrott continues to amaze me with the character development and new things he has brought to the Rangers world. Five issues in and each issue has been great. I love all the drama and the focus on the Rangers’ lives outside of being Power Rangers. It is just fascinating and great storytelling. I feel that if you did not like or know what a Power Ranger was, you would still enjoy this series.


Dan Mora continues to be equally impressive on art in Go Go Power Rangers #5. He nails the Zords battles, making the giant mechanical beasts come to life. He also continues to put his own stamp on these characters. They look like the kids from the show, but Mora puts his own tweaks on them that make them his own and fit the story perfectly. He also continues to nail all the more dramatic scenes with beautiful character work. The expressions and body language pull the story together and make those scenes come to life.

Raul Angulo’s colors are superbly done. He really matches the tone and feel of the comic with his softer color palette. It is bright (but not too bright), which fits this series perfectly. The art team is amazing and impressive with how they bring this series to life.


Man, I just love, love, love this series. The creative team is wonderful and has made me fall back in love with the Power Rangers again. The story has been great following the Rangers as they begin their journey. And the new character, Matt, has made for some interesting dynamics and some different stories. Go Go Power Rangers #5 definitely starts to pull the Rangers in new directions, having this new Putty Patroller infiltrating the group and Rita possibly learning some of the Rangers’ deep dark secrets. The kids look to be in for some harsh times.

Are you enjoying the Go Go Power Rangers comic series? Who is your favorite Ranger? Let us know in the comments!


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