Review – Go Go Power Rangers #6 (BOOM! Studios)

Power Ranging Adventures in Go Go Power Rangers #6

Putty Patroller Matthew has done a swell job of infiltrating the young teenager’s life in Go Go Power Rangers #6. He does act a little strange, but his parents, sister, and his friends believe it is the same old Matt. Little do they know the real Matt is on the moon being held captive by Rita Repulsa!

The Rangers continue to struggle in separating their personal lives and being Power Rangers. Fighting monsters while juggling life is becoming a struggle for Billy in particular. He has a big decision to make for his future, and that may not involve the Power Rangers! As Rita’s attacks begin to hit closer to the Rangers family the other teens have doubts about Zordon and his plans. Will Rita’s plan to take out the Rangers from the inside actually work? How did Squat become Rita’s dimwitted henchman? And will Bulk succeed in becoming Homecoming King? Find this out and more in Go Go Power Rangers #6.


Go Go Power Rangers #6 Variant by Audrey MokI fall more and more in love with this series as each issue goes on. I liked the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as much as anyone did around my age, but I never really had too much nostalgia for that show as an adult. It is a really terrible show and I had no problems leaving it in the past. Ryan Parrott comes along and gives these kids actual voices and characterizations and I am over here gushing like a school girl about the Power Rangers! Parrott continues to build these characters into actual “people” and it has been amazing to read.

Parrott continues that development in Go Go Power Rangers #6. We see Billy struggle with his role in the group and we get the reveal of something big happening in his life that was teased in issue #5. Kimberly is also struggling as Rita’s attacks begin to hit closer to their families. Parrott packs so much storytelling into each and every issue; this series feels like it has been going on much longer than six issues. He has built all of these characters into something new and really turned the Power Rangers into a must-read comic!


Dan Mora is the perfect artist for this series. With Parrott’s writing, Mora has also helped “define” these characters. Mora has great character designs for the Rangers. They resemble the TV show’s actors very vaguely, but he makes them truly his own. They fit perfectly in this world. Mora’s cartooning is top notch. He really helps capture the more emotional aspects of the story with his great facial expressions throughout the series. Mora also does a superb job of switching from the more dramatic scenes to action seamlessly. There is a great shot of Goldar coming to attack with some Putty Patrollers in Go Go Power Rangers #6. It is a bigger panel in the middle of the page surrounded by the Rangers being alerted by Alpha and it is beautiful to look at.

Raul Angulo on colors perfectly matches the tone of Go Go Power Rangers. The colors almost feel a little muted or flat. They are never really bright or pop off the page, but they just fit perfectly with Mora’s illustrations. The Rangers’ color-coded costumes look great, even though the colors do not immediately come off the page. Angulo makes them catch the eye all the same.


Go Go Power Rangers has been a fantastic series since the beginning, and issue #6 continues that trend. Parrott has really dug into these characters and brought out their personalities. Dan Mora and Raul Angulo continue to do wonderful artwork. There is really not much to not like about this series. With Rita’s plan actually working and the Rangers struggling with their lives, things are not looking good; plus the big Homecoming dance is coming up!

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