Review – Go Go Power Rangers #7 (BOOM! Studios)

Dance All Night in Go Go Power Rangers #7

The big Homecoming dance is upon us in Go Go Power Rangers #7, but the Power Rangers cannot just dance their problems away. In the previous issues, we have seen Billy struggling with being a Ranger, he realizes he is not the best fighter and it is starting to really interfere with the life he has planned for himself. He was late for the last battle because he was in a meeting about a possible internship. Billy feels that maybe Matthew would be better suited being the Blue Ranger. This idea plays right into Rita’s hands, as she has kidnapped Matthew and replaced him with a shapeshifting putty patroller! Zack has noticed some differences in Matthew and has a hunch something is up, but can he convince his friends something is not right?

Go Go Power Rangers #7 – Cover Art by Dan Mora

All this is happening, plus it is time to go to the Homecoming dance. Zack finally finds out who his secret admirer is, while Jason decides to go stag. The Rangers clean up nice as they head out for a fun night out being teenagers. Well, that is not in Rita’s plans in Go Go Power Rangers #7, plus does Bulk become Homecoming King? You will have to read to find out!


Ryan Parrott continues to do some tremendous character development in Go Go Power Rangers #7. I have talked about it before, but Billy the Blue Ranger has always (for some reason) been my favorite Power Ranger (I wrote a little bit more about that here). Parrott gives him some great character work in this issue, and in the previous issue, we got some great backstory development for him. I love the way every character is written, it seems Parrott take a lot of time and care to make sure each individual has a voice and different motivations as the series progresses.

Go Go Power Rangers #7 was also just a really fun issue to read. The whole Homecoming Dance set up was tons of fun and seeing the Rangers having some anxiety about going put a smile on my face. The whole subplot of Bulk wanting to be Homecoming King is way more interesting than it probably should be and I won’t spoil anything in this issue, but it makes you feel for the “Bulkster”.


Dan Mora always delivers on art and, again, he does not disappoint in Go Go Power Rangers #7. Great cartooning, wonderful facial expressions and fantastic layouts throughout the issue. I really want to talk about the different clothing designs Mora uses, since the clothes look great. Obviously, I love that everything is still color-coded when the Rangers wear street clothes, but Mora makes it fit and sensible. The Homecoming suits and dresses he outfits the characters in are marvelous. The Rangers being all dressed up is a delightful look that Mora absolutely nails.

Another subtle thing that I love is there are slight pink highlights in Kimberly’s hair and slight yellow highlights in Trini’s hair. Colorist Raul Angulo does a great job of putting these colors in. Angulo does a superb job of having those colors not obnoxiously stand out, but just subtle be there to catch the eye as you are looking at the page. It is one of those really small things that makes Go Go Power Rangers a delight to read.


Go Go Power Rangers continues to be a wonderful book and a series that I am excited to read every month. Every time I think this series cannot get any better, a new issue comes out and it tops the last. I really cannot praise this series enough; even if you do not like Power Rangers, I would still say you would like this series. Go Go Power Rangers #7 has the Rangers go to the Homecoming Dance, but Rita is not much of a dancer well except for “The Monster Mash”!




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