Review – Go Go Power Rangers #8 (BOOM! Studios)

Last Dance in Go Go Power Rangers #8

Previously in Go Go Power Rangers, the teenagers with attitudes were getting ready for the big Homecoming Dance. They were dressed to the nines and ready to dance the night away! The night is going pretty well until it all went to crap. Matt was finally able to escape from Rita’s moon base and make it back to Earth, surprising everyone at the dance when two Matthews showed up. Finally, the putty infiltrator revealed itself and the battle is on in Go Go Power Rangers #8. Will the Rangers be able to defeat this enemy that knows all their moves and weaknesses? Will this be Billy’s last battle as a Power Ranger? How distraught will Bulk be after being screwed out of being Homecoming King? Find out in Go Go Power Rangers #8!


Go Go Power Rangers #8 Cover Art by Dan MoraRyan Parrott continues to do a wonderful job writing all of these characters. Each one gets individual attention and a chance to be a part of the story. The focus on Billy for these two issues has been fantastic. The struggle between choosing between furthering his life with an internship and staying with his friends and being a Ranger is a great bit of storytelling and a good conundrum to see him in. Parrott has done a superb job of making these characters his own and while paying homage to the original show. He has created some fully developed well-rounded characters.

Go Go Power Rangers #8 was a very fun issue to read also. We learn a little bit about Rita and Goldar’s relationship at the start. Parrott has been doing this recently, showing how Rita and her minions came together. Then, there are some fantastic action scenes as the Rangers battle against the morphing putty patroller. I have stated this previously but I love when the Zords fight individually, and Parrott delivers once again in this issue! And, yes, Billy-horn chains are awesome. We also learn why putty patrollers are so stupid. Ryan Parrott just delivers a wealth of information in Go Go Power Rangers #8.


Dan Mora brings the action in Go Go Power Rangers #8. Mora does some superb work while the Rangers are fighting Rita’s newest putty patroller. He uses the putty patrollers powers well and in inventive ways throughout the battle. The whole structure of the fight scene is awesome and makes the issue a delight to read. From the Rangers battling to the Zord fight, Mora delivers probably his most impressive work to date on this series.

Raul Angulo also continues to be a delight on colors in Go Go Power Rangers #8. This series would really not be the same without his touch. He brings a “levity” to the tone of Go Go Power Rangers. That “lets it be serious, but not too serious.” The colors hit that perfect spot of being bright, but not overly bright and being dark, but not too dark to drag the tone down too much. Angulo does a fantastic job balancing this series.


Go Go Power Rangers #8 is just another fantastic issue in this wonderful series. This continues to be a book I am excited to read each and every month. Now, this is a Shattered Grid prelude and I won’t spoil anything with that, but I am a little worried the big event spilling into this little series may ruin some of the magic. Parrott has noted that though it does tie into Shattered Grid, it won’t mess this series up, so I guess we will have to trust him. But, I do have my concerns.

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