Review – God Complex #2

God Complex #2

New Gods

In God Complex #1, we were introduced to Senecaa young digital-forensic investigator for the futuristic city of Delphi. He and his partner are thrust into an investigation of three dead acolytes of the Church of One God. Along with that, they have deal with an apparent digital attack against the Rulers of Delphi. In God Complex #2, Seneca unveils more questions than answers. The Rulers hope to use the fact that Seneca was born in the Church of One God so that he may be able to dig up some answers for them.

God Complex #2 Cover by Hendry Prasetya
God Complex #2 Cover by Hendry Prasetya

I am going to try and break down the world of God Complex real quick. This is mainly for my benefit, so I can wrap my head around the story.

So you have these things/beings called Rulersaka the characters with robot/mask heads. They rule over the humans of the futuristic city of Delphi. They are “gods” or something godlike and they have names like Hermes, Apollo, etc. They do not like this new religion in the city called the Church of One God. This Trinity, as this Church puts it, gives people hope and they do not fear the Rulers as they should. (I suspect we are all catching on to the religious allegories, as the book is called God Complex.)

Everything is very futuristic in Delphi and Seneca is a digital investigator for the city. Well, Seneca is thrust into investigating three murders of the Church acolytes and an apparent digital attack on the Rulers of Delphi. Oh, there also is a rebellious anarchy-type group that wants to take down the Church and the Rulers, and Seneca was also born in the Church and hears a voice talk to him.

That is the basic breakdown of God Complex.

I am still struggling with what exactly is going on in God Complex #2. There is the big plot with the murders and the Church and then some other little subplots and I am not 100% sure about any of it. But I still like this comic! God Complex feels like a mash-up of The Matrix, Minority Report with a little bit of The Da Vinci Code sprinkled in. Paul Jenkins really puts down layers for this story for these two issues. While it is not fully making sense at the moment, I like that he is building up this base for the story and have hope that it will all come together.


Hendry Prasetya’s clean, tight, detailed style really fits the world of God Complex. The designs for the Rulers are fantastic and I really love how Prasetya brings out the elegantyet intimidatinglook to these characters. Prasetya gets to play around a lot with some crazy visuals in God Complex #2 with this futuristic world/ There are a lot of strange things throughout the issue that are amazingly eye-catching and just fun to look at and break down visually.

However, I do wish Prasetya would add some more detail in the expressions of the human characters’ faces. They are there, but they are minimal and I think it would really help tell the story of the comic.

Jessica Kholinne does some beautiful color work in God Complex #2. She nails the Rulers’ designs and I love the little “shimmers” that seem to come off of them. That light touch gives them that “godly,” other-world look and feel. There is an excellent scene in God Complex #2 in the city streets at night in the rain and Kholinne has all the lights bouncing off the glass windows of buildings and off the wet streetsit is a really wonderful set of pages.


Overall, I am really enjoying God Complex even if I am not 100% sure of what’s happening. I enjoy the world that is being built and the mythology around it. Plus, with those wonderful character designs, it is immediately eye-catching when the Rulers are on the page. God Complex #2 continues to build upon the mystery that we were introduced to in the first issue and by the end of this second issue, things only get more complicated for Seneca.

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