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Going to the Chapel #2

Writer: David Pepose
Artist: Gavin Guidry
Colors: Liz Kramer
Lettering: Ariana Maher
Cover Art: Sweeney Boo, Maan House, and Gavin Guidry
Publisher: Action Lab
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: October 23rd, 2019

When a conflicted bride’s wedding is taken over by bank robbers, she’ll discover love is the ultimate hostage situation.


Let’s Crash This Wedding in Going to the Chapel #2

Hi there, it’s your friendly neighborhood comic book reviewer, back again to drop some sweet thoughts regarding Going to the Chapel #2 published by Action Lab. It’s rare that I find a comic that points focus to humor and romance within comics. A sense of levity that allows you to have fun and enjoy your time with the comic. It tends to be difficult to find comedic timing when your dependent on the reader. The team creating Going to the Chapel found a way to get their humor and personality come across is this fun romcom that’ll keep you wanting more. 


Going to the Chapel #2 Cover Art: Sweeney Boo, Maan House, and Gavin Guidry
Going to the Chapel #2 Cover Art: Sweeney Boo, Maan House, and Gavin Guidry

David Pepose… what can I say about him? Seriously love his writing. The story finally is taking that Wedding Crasher vibe he’s hinted at in this second issue. The characters are coming to life with their quirks, personalities, and their major character flaws, which a lot of these characters might end up dead from pure stupidity. The world is being more realized and fleshed out by just having characters in two locations. We are learning the why’s and why nots. The who does and who doesn’t. The world is set up from the dialogue and the words not spoken. It’s fun trying to figure out who knows what and who’s going to find out. Again, it feels like some of my favorite heist movies.


Gavin Guidry comes in strong with the art. Each page feels like a storyboard you’d see for a movie and I love it. There’s a sense of motion to his art that I haven’t seen much with other artist in comics. Each panel is a frame of the camera giving us a glimpse into this world. Gavin uplifts David’s writing with his style. It purely feels like the 90’s action/heist movie I love and his art embodies that. There is a sense to levity to his art. Allowing the reader to just have fun page to page. I take an extra beat for each panel just to dwell on the detail and emotions of the characters that bleed off the page. 

Love it!

Liz Kramer brings life to the pages with her colors. The style enhances that film look that each panel and piece of dialogue gives you. The mood is tangible. You can feel the world. 


You should read it because I’m telling you to… not good enough? The first issue was treated like an establishing shot. Here’s the visuals, here’s the tones, here’s the cast of characters and here’s the premise. The second issue kind of drops you straight into the action and it escalates quickly. That sudden spur of excitment hits you when you read the book. The only way I know how to explain it is by quoting one of the greatest poets of the 21st century.

“We go zero to hundred real quick.” – Drake

The continuation of the story feels natural. The team creating this book truly have a grasp on the story they’re wanting to tell. Two issues in and they already have you hooked wanting the next issue. Working in comics is tough. Making something people enjoy is difficult. Creating a piece of art that embodies and heightens the medium you’re creating in hard as hell. This team has accomplished all of the above and I’m excited to see where this story goes. 

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Have you read Going to the Chapel yet? What are some of your thoughts on it? Any movies it makes you think of? Do you think Drake is our generations greatest poet? Let me know down in the comments below! 

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