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Grass Kings #1


Grass Kings #1 cover
Grass Kings #1 cover

In Grass Kings #1, the Grass Kingdom is a refuge for people wanting to live for themselves. This community is built upon people wanting to live apart from society “off the grid” and have a place under their own control. Three brothers rule the Grass Kingdom and control who comes into their refuge. When Bruce one of the three brothers is escorting a man out of town many questions are raised. Why is this land ruled deferentially, why can they control who comes in? Are they possibly harvesting a killer? The sheriff of the neighboring town thinks so and has begun investigating the grass kingdom.

This community is not without its own internal struggles and strife, the oldest brother and “leader” struggles with the death of his young daughter and his wife leaving him. Making the town and his two other brothers worry about his grief and drinking. The Grass Kings is a story of a land that has been fought for and protected for centuries and this is just its most recent conflict.

Matt Kindt is a master comic book writer from Mind MGMT to Ether he has shown that he can weave a story with the best of them and with Grass Kings he has kicked off another great series. Kindt has a way with his dialogue and script that makes emotions ring true and bleed through the page and into the reader’s mind. Characters are well established in this first issue and Kindt brings the plight of the Grass Kings to a full circle in this issue. 


Tyler Jenkins tight pencils and inks blend well with his loose watercolors. It gives The Grass Kings almost a “dream’ like feeling to the story. Jenkins does a masterful job of blending the watercolors with his tighter ink style giving characters and settings the details they need, all the while giving the book the soft “blotted” tone of the watercolors. He does a great job of also developing the story and characters through actions and background details that help give the reader insight into this story and the people making up the town.


Grass Kings #1 is another beautiful book by Matt Kindt he has a knack for these emotional stories that always seem to resonate with all types of readers. He has a lock down on the human experience of life and no matter what the story is he can develop characters quickly and have the reader attached to them in no time. Jenkins brings his stunning blend of water coloring style making each page and panel of Grass Kings a work of art that can be gazed at. With mystery abound and internal struggles, this is a great first issue to get new readers hooked. If you are looking for a new series with great mystery and intrigue look no further than  Grass Kings #1.

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