Review – Green Arrow #30

Green Arrow #30

Hard Traveling Hero Part 5

The Ninth Circle has taken over Seattle and has turned it into Star City. This is just the start of their plan to influence and rule the entire United States of America. Ollie has a plan to take them down, but it is going to take him into the stratosphere luckily he has a friend that specializes in space policing! Can this dynamic duo bring down The Ninth Circle before things go from bad to worse? Black Canary and EMI are still on the ground in Star City trying to disrupt the Ninth’s Circles plan, but they might have bitten off more than they can chew, all this and more in Green Arrow #30

Green Arrow #30 Variant Cover by Mike Grell
Green Arrow #30 Variant Cover by Mike Grell

Benjamin Percy continues just a straight fun “comic bookie” story in Green Arrow #30.  He really nails Oliver Queen’s voice and his desire to help people in need that the other heroes may have forgotten about. Percy writes some great dialogue and I really like the scenes with EMI and Black Canary. He plays them well together and I would enjoy it if they got a series of their own at some point in time. Percy nails the love hate relationship of Green Arrow and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan); it is a real joy to see these two characters back working together. The Ninth Circle is a great foil for Oliver to fight against as they are more subvert and a lot of their “evil doing” is behind the scenes and deals mostly with banking and manipulating the public.


Otto Schmidt is the artist on Green Arrow #30 and I just love, love, love when he handles the art duties on this series! Schmidt just has a wonderful very striking art style that immediately jumps off the page and makes the reader take second and third looks. His characters always feel full of emotion and just ooze this “vibe” that is hard to describe. He really makes each individual character evoke their own unique body language and style. 

Green Arrow #30 Cover by Otto Schmidt
Green Arrow #30 Cover by Otto Schmidt

Schmidt does some really beautiful panel layouts in Green Arrow #30. He ramps up the tension and does some great “reveals” with the way he structures the page. His colors are also fantastic obviously, the green palate is at play a lot and he uses it wonderfully. He really balances it well with the rest of the colors on the pages, especially with great splashes of reds throughout.


Green Arrow #30 (Hard-Traveling Hero Part 5) is another great entry in this series. Ollie is in a lot of trouble, but luckily he has friends on the ground and in the air to help him out. Will it be enough to defeat the nefarious Ninth Circle? Benjamin Percy nails all the voices of the characters and is weaving a fantastic tale. Having Otto Schmidt on art duties raises this series to a new level, with his superb character detail and great visual story telling ability. The hard-traveling heroes road only gets harder from here and in space, where no one can hear you scream!

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