Review – Green Arrow #31

Green Arrow #31

Hard Traveling Hero Part 6

When we last left Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow, he was battling The Ninth Circle aboard their satellite well above Earth’s orbit. With the help of Hal Jordan The Green Lanterns power ring Ollie was protected for the harshness of space, but once Hal was taken out of commission by the Ninth Circle operative Oliver Queen was left alone in space with only his trusty bow and arrow to take down the satellite that was controlling the group’s entire operation. With literally nowhere to go but down Green Arrow pulls out all the stops to bring an end to the Ninth’s Circles corruption and take back his city, he may even have to call in some help from “friends” he has met on the road. Black Canary and EMI are still doing the grunt work on the ground in “Star City” to free the captives of the Ninth Circle underground base. Green Arrow #31 is the big finale of the Hard Traveling Hero storyline and things are not looking good for the emerald archer!


Green Arrow #31 wraps up the Hard Traveling Hero story near perfectly and I love the ending to this story, I will remain spoiler free but it has me super interested in what is going to happen in the next issue of Green Arrow. Benjamin Percy has done a wonderful job of bringing Ollie full circle to finally defeat the Ninth Circle once and for all. This has just been a really great “super-hero” story that really hit all the high points you want to see. I really enjoy the little bits and pieces we got with Black Canary and EMI and I am going to keep campaigning for them to get their own series together, I love their interactions with each other.


Otto Schmidt once again just kills it on art when he is drawing this series. I was not super keen on the green spacesuit Hal created for Oliver in last the last issue, it was a little bland, so I was happy that it went away in this issue. So on to the more pressing issue of can we get Otto Schmidt to do more art on DC comics? It is on the cover so this is not a spoiler but Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Superman all show up in this Issue and I love Otto Schmidt’s take on all of these iconic heroes! His style is truly just one of a kind and I would love to see him tackle more characters in the DC Universe. There are some fantastic panels and pages throughout this book, from the great scenes of Green Arrow’s final battle with the Ninth Circle baddie in the mech type suit, to some touching character moments Otto Schmidt delivers with his truly mesmerizing style. 


Green Arrow #31 is an end to the Hard Traveling Hero storyline, but it may not be the end of Oliver Queen’s life on the road. With beautiful art and an all-around fun superhero story, this is a must-read for Green Arrow and DC comics fans alike. This story has definitely pushed Green Arrow in a new direction and it is going to be very exciting to see where the creative team takes the Emerald Archer from here! The hard travels are over, but the adventures are just beginning!

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Brent Jackson

Brent is happily married and an avid comic book consumer who loves nothing more than the smell of comics in the morning and diving through a long box of back issues. By day he is a nutritionist and has also been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 10 years. He is probably not the coolest person you have ever met. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @brentjackson30


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  • You really think this is the end of the Ninth Circle??? What about Broderick and Domini? Seattle os still Star City because of the ninth circle. Plus, what about the biggest thing going on right now which is Oliver’s upcoming murder trial???

    Emi and Dinah aren’t in an underground ninth circle base, they are in an Underground Men lair and this new direction has been the story from the start of Rebirth.

  • Ninth circle destroyed? What about Broderick and Domini? Star city? What about Oliver’s murder trial?

    Emi and Dinah are in the underground Mens lair, not a Ninth Circle base.

    New direction? It’s the stuff we’ve felt with all of Rebirth.

    • Obviously not the end of the Ninth Circle (but I do hope we focus on some other things later on). Talking about the hard traveling hero story line and the end of this Issue pushing Green Arrow in a new direction

      • “Benjamin Percy has done a wonderful job of bringing Ollie full circle to finally defeat the Ninth Circle once and for all.” – your words there!

        New direction? What new direction? He’s going to head back to Star City where he is wanted for murder and still has to bring down the Ninth Circle.

          • keep believing that…that was all just to set up him being in last weeks Teen Titans Metal tie-in and the Gotham Resistance continuing from now.

            Again, he is still wanted for murder and he still doesn’t have his company back. Read the upcoming solicits and you’ll see his Trial is going to be going on into 2018.

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