Review – Green Arrow #39 (DC Comics)

Who or What is Nothing in Green Arrow #39

The hard traveling hero is back to doing what he does best in Green Arrow #39. Oliver Queen wants to help the citizens of Vahkar. It seems Deathstroke paid the war-torn city a visit a while back and things have only gotten worse. Oliver decides to bring in supplies for the people, but soon finds out he is not very welcome. Somebody, known as “Nothing”, has taken over Vahkar and the children are missing. As Green Arrow confronts Nothing he learns its dark secrets!


Look, I have not read Green Arrow since issue #31 so it has been awhile. Green Arrow #39 looked to be a pretty good jumping on point and for the most part.  And it was. Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly have taken over writing duties from Benjamin Percy and started a new story arc with “The Children of Vahkar” part one. Lanzing and Kelly do a good job of catching the reader up to speed with what is going on in Oliver Queen’s life and what is happening in Vahkar at the same time. However, some things do happen in Green Arrow #39 that might have had a bigger impact on me if I had been following the series regularly. Those details did not affect my overall enjoyment of the story though.

GREEN ARROW #39 VAR ED (CA) Mike Grell
GREEN ARROW #39 VAR ED (CA) Mike Grell

Overall the writing team does a good job with this story. I like how Oliver comes in all joyful and “Robin Hood Esque” only to be shut down by the people living in Vahkar. The mystery surrounding the villain known as Nothing and the children of Vahkar is very interesting. It brings up some good story points and the ending leaves Green Arrow in a very precarious situation.


The main thing that drew me to Green Arrow #39 was artist Marcio Takara. Previously I only really read Green Arrow when Otto Schmidt was on art duties (the bi-weekly schedule did not make that happen much). So, I was excited to see someone like Marcio Takara take over. I love Takara’s style. He has this beautiful style that feels minimalist, yet detailed. He reminds me a lot of Chris Samnee in that his style seems very simple yet once you start to look at it you see how complex and detailed it is in its simplicity. His rough ink lines are fantastic.  It gives a “gruffness” to the characters and landscape of Vahkar. There is a wonderful page in Green Arrow #39 of Oliver battling Nothing.  I love the panel set up of Green Arrow jumping in the air and then the bottom panels are angled showing more action.  It is very visually pleasing.All in 

Marcelo Maiolo does a beautiful job coloring Green Arrow #39. He does a fantastic job of catching that “gruffness” of the landscape of the war-torn city of Vahkar. I do love the way Green Arrow’s costume really stands out against the bleakness of the Vahkar landscape. You have all these yellow and brown colorations and then this bright green color just popping off the pages.


All in all, I am glad I jumped back on Green Arrow.  The new creative team is delivering a very interesting story. Green Arrow is fighting against a new villain in Nothing and by the end of Green Arrow #39, the emerald archer is in some deep trouble. Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly create a good jumping on point for new readers and start this new story off with a bang, while Marcio Takara and Marcelo Maiolo deliver some superb artwork. I hope the bi-weekly schedule does not throw Takara off of Green Arrow for the next issue. But, the story is interesting enough in its own right to hold me for another issue at least.



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