Review – Green Hornet #32

Green Hornet #32 Cover by Stephen Sadowski

Arms Race, the latest story-arc in Dynamite’s ongoing Green Hornet series, pits the emerald insect up against Sergi Gravilov, international high-tech arms dealer extraordinaire. The creative juices of writer Jai Nitz (Kato: Origins, The Batman Strikes, et al), artist Jethro Morales (Growing Pains, Extinct & The Legend Killer) have cooked up one of the toughest and most dangerous foes  the new Hornet crew has faced to date.

Gravilov, having discovered the location of The Hornet’s Nest attacked and destroyed it. Issue #32 of Green Hornet picks up right at the aftermath of the chaos and calamity with Scowl digging through the rubble.

This latest installment of Green Hornet shows the emergence of yet another new Green Hornet. A Hornet who has received quite a technological bump up  from his predecessor and is ready to go to any lengths necessary to punish evildoers and exact vengeance. Scowl, bereft from the Hornet’s earth-shattering murder, has donned the mantle of Green Hornet 2.0. And this insect-themed-vigilante is set to deal out white-hot justice at the point of his laser-wrists and rocket boots.

Violence and tragedy mark the first days of this new Green Hornet because like a man playing limbo at the company picnic, he is willing to show the world how low he can go to accomplish what must be done.

Seriously, this guy got so real that amidst all the panic and gut-splitting action no one bothered to mention if the Katos are okay. Regardless of the fate of the Hornet’s stalwart cohorts, a showdown between the newest pretender to the mantle and the true, yet presumed dead, heir is no doubt looming in Century City.

Beware Hornitos, (that’s what I call Green Hornet fans now) it looks like things are going to get a lot worse for Britt Reid and the gang before they get better. And to top it all off, the fate of the Green Hornet legacy hangs in the balance. Get pumped because next month Dynamite Comics is going to set it off in Green Hornet #33 and hopefully someone actually gets kun-fu-ed in that issue.

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