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The Green Lantern #1
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Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Liam Sharp
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: Tom Orzechowski
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: DC Comics
Release: November 7, 2018

Grant Morrison brings his writing talents to DC Universe’s Emerald Knight, the Green Lantern. Hal Jordan, in a story that will test all of the space cop’s physical and mental abilities.


“Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do” The Green Lantern #1


When trouble abounds in the DC Universe, the galactic space “cops” known as The Green Lantern Corps usually have some type of entity wearing a power ring there to take care of it. But a new mystery arises in The Green Lantern #1, one that questions everything that the Lanterns stand for. Who do you trust and who do you fear? The Green Lanterns have always lighted the path of truth, but that may be fading away unless Hal Jordan can solve this new mystery!


GREEN LANTERN #1Grant Morrison makes a triumphant return to DC Comics with The Green Lantern #1. Grant Morrison is a writer whose name carries a lot of weight when he is announced on a book, so The Green Lantern has generated a lot of fanfare recently. Morrison has promised a “smaller scale” for his Green Lantern comic. No world-ending threats or catastrophes, more of an intergalactic space cop drama of sorts. He delivers that, mostly, in The Green Lantern #1.

With Morrison, you are going to usually get some “far out there” concepts and ideas (I love Klaus!). The vast variety of different Lanterns and the worlds they inhabit give him a lot to play with. Morrison brings us all kinds of funky creatures and into strange worlds in The Green Lantern #1. He seems to be having a ball in the first issue by giving us all these strange things and it has me very excited to see what or where he will continue to bring us.

The heart of The Green Lantern #1 is getting Hal Jordan back in the mix and building up a new mystery. I like Morrison’s framing of The Green Lantern #1. It starts off strong and continues to build an unfolding mystery throughout the first issue. We are given bits and pieces of information of a larger story at play while still getting a solid single issue in and of itself. I won’t say I was not a little confused at some points, whether that be timeframe or characters. There were some points I had to re-read to make sure I grasped what was happening or being said.

I generally enjoy Morrison’s dialogue as well. Each character has a nice unique voice that flows well. It seems Morrison is doing high concept material mixed with more “blue collar” story as well. Saying that, he has this “basic” cop story mixed with some very weighty ideas and thoughts in The Green Lantern #1. That mix of solid storytelling with weighty ideas makes for an intriguing read.


If you are going to have a writer like Grant Morrison on The Green Lantern #1 then you are going to need an artist that can detail out all of his crazy ideas. Luckily, artist Liam Sharp can bring those visuals to life. Sharp’s bold ink style works perfectly for this series. He adds some truly tremendous details throughout The Green Lantern #1. I absolutely love all the background detail he puts in throughout this issue. He puts so much little detail into everything that the worlds truly feel lived in and actually existing outside the page.

The only major art complaint would be it feels a little stagnant. It could be a little more dynamic in some places. That is a very small complaint, as Sharp has a good cartooning style as well; it is in that nice middle ground that is a little realistic yet animated at the same time. It adds a nice dose of realism to The Green Lantern #1 while still letting the more “out there” creatures and places feel “normal” in this universe. 

Tom Orzechowski does a solid job coloring as well in The Green Lantern #1. He has a very “textured” coloring style; it almost looks like you could touch and feel some of the colors on the pages. It works great with Sharp’s thick ink lines and detailed style. Orzechowski also has a nice mix of bright and darker colors that play well off of each other.


The Green Lantern #1 is a solid start to the series. I don’t think it will be as mind-blowing as people are expecting, but I also do not think that is what Morrison is going for, either. It fits his idea of “space cop drama.” That has me really interested to continue this series to see what predicaments he puts Hal Jordan in. It also helps the art is marvelous in The Green Lantern #1. Sharp and Orzechowski bring a visual flair to The Green Lantern #1 that is a pure delight to look at.

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