Review: Green Lantern TAS “Love Is A Battlefield”

Love is a Battlefield

Okay, any episode that’s title is a Pat Benatar song automatically wins brownie points with me!

After last week’s foray into some much-needed comedy, we return to the story proper with Aya-Monitor beginning her mission to eliminate all emotions from the universe by attacking the planet representing the emotion that hurt her the most, Zamaron, home world of the Star Sapphires and the wielders of the violet energy of love. Upon arriving at the planet, Aya has determined that love is a corrosive emotion and that the Star Sapphires deserve to be punished for lauding it as a powerful force for peace. Insulted, Queen Aga’po attacks, but is quickly injured by Aya. Gi’ata attempts to intervene, trying to make a case for love as a positive force, but finds it hard to explain to the cold, logic-based machine Aya has become. She confesses that she only learned about the true meaning of love from its true champion who is half a galaxy away and can only be summoned through the power of love. Aya, now being all-powerful for some reason, manages to bypass that craziness and summons love’s champion, who turns out to be Carol Ferris!

Elsewhere, the boys are finding it difficult to locate Aya since she was their navigational computer. The only plan they have is to return to Oa and scan for her, but Oa is two months away…unless they use ultra-warp. The funny thing about ultra-warp is it’s a very precise sort of thing, one that might require a navigational computer to use correctly so that they don’t, say, end up in the center of a star or something. Man, if only they had a navigational computer.

Ultra-Warp CalculationBack on Zamaron, Carol, who is understandably upset about missing the buffet but not weirded out being on an alien world again, is confronted by Aya and forced to explain why love is so important. Obviously trying to explain an emotion that is slightly abstract is a bit difficult and Carol hits a small snag when she reveals that she still loves Hal Jordan even if he makes her angry most of the time. This prompts Aya to ask if love is stronger than hate, which Carol emphatically answers, “Yes!” Interested in testing this theory, Aya proposes a demonstration, demanding that love and hate fight to prove their superiority. Donning the violet ring again, Carol joins the ranks of the Star Sapphires as the champion of love while Aya brings forth the champion of hate, Atrocitus! What I enjoy most about how the writers have approached Carol is the very realistic reactions she has to everything since finding out Hal’s secret. Her arguments for love include song titles and quotes from The Bible of all things – hell, if she’d started singing she would’ve pulled off a whole Moulin Rouge – and she’s really freaked out when she sees Atrocitus for the first time. Which, yeah, she has every right to be. She’s also not prepared to fight Atrocitus since the last time she had the violet ring on she was a little insane in the membrane and the former leader of the Red Lanterns is pretty good at using his hate and rage to attack.

So, it’s no surprise that Carol uses her ring to summon Hal to her for help. Even though she was kinda holding her own, it was mostly on instinct, not because she suddenly found her confidence and figured out how to defeat Atrocitus on her own. While that would’ve been nice, it’s a bit much to believe given Carol isn’t an experienced ring wielder. But once Hal shows up and he and Atrocitus go at it for a while, Carol joins in and the reunited lovers team up to give Atrocitus a good ol’ fashioned smack-down! But, as is the case, love is a many-faceted thing, an emotion that will lead someone to make the ultimate sacrifice, which Gi’ata does for Hal before Evil AyaAtrocitus can finish him off. Her sacrifice pushes Hal and Carol to finish the fight – Hal taking a page from Kilowog’s book with a nice hammer construct and Carol literally dropping a mountain on the Red Lantern. Game over. Love wins.

Or does it? Yeah, Aya isn’t exactly convinced that Gi’ata’s sacrifice was worth it, reinforcing her belief that love only leads to pain, suffering, and death. She then resolves to destroy Zamaron, but the timely appearance of the Interceptor (using ultra-warp again after their first go at it nearly got them killed) and Razer stop her. As has been the case with Razer and Aya, just when you think some progress will be made, there just isn’t enough time. Instead of going through with the inefficient plan of destroying planets one by one, Aya resolves to find a way to destroy the universe and remake it in her own image.

A machine with a God-complex. Lovely. I wouldn’t be surprised if they entitled an episode, “Deus Ex Machina.” Just sayin’.

DC Nation Short: Repeat of Vibe part 2.

Nitpicker’s Corner: How does Aya have the ability to bring Atrocitus his ring?

Favorite Moments:

  • Star Sapphires automatically get the “I am no man” line
  • Carol is just the best!
  • “Emotions can’t really fight each other.” “Negative. I will force them to.”
  • Hells yeah, Carol kept the ring! Might wanna get a better mask though.

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  • With all of Aya’s talk of “shutting down emotions,” someone needs to tell her that she is actually acting all emotion – her actions are driven out of the immense real pain of rejection, bringing into it, feelings of disappointments, resentment, anger, feelings of being let-down, betrayed even. These are all raw emotions and she is definitely acting all emotional. She just does not get it.

    One thing that really confuses me is that she has all the power of the Anti-Monitor, and could have easily obliterated anything and everything and yet she settles for a duel, prolonging her incapacity to face her pain. She hesitated when Razer appeared. She stalled before re-focusing and threatening to destroy the universe in one fell swoop. No, I don’t buy this. Aya’s hiding behind her own feelings of love for Razer – she could not even bring herself to kill him. If she was so cold and heartless, she would not have acted the way she is acting now – the former Anti-Monitor would just blast his way through and kill anything and everything in its path, never settling for a duel or even finding reason. He just kills. Aya on the other hand, travels all the way to Zamaron seeking answers. She is not as far gone as I thought she would have been. If she was pure machine without emotion, she would not even have rational thought or give that look to Razer (yes-I-still-love-you-so-deeply-but-I’d-rather-concentrate-on-this-hurt-right-now look) before changing her mind and just flying away – without even destroying anything further. What does that tell you? That sentient life form (the real Aya) hiding behind all that pain still loves.

    I love the fact that Carol summons Hal not to fight for her but to fight with him – I also love the fact that she gave Gait’a that tender moment to be with her man Hal, as though even if she knew that Gait’a loves Hal as much as she does, Carol remained supportive, staying beside her man as Hal holds the dying sapphire. That for me, is real true love.

    Wonderful to see the star sapphires finally in action, and Queen Agapo joining in and stating that “she is no man…” Hurrah for us women!!! We can fight as good as our men too.

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