Review: Green Lantern TAS “Ranx”


It’s sad to know that there’s only one episode left to go in Green Lantern. Considering the somewhat shaky start the series got, it certainly came into its own and the depth of storytelling the show has accomplished in only one season is commendable. That they managed to work in as much of the Green Lantern mythos as they did, make Hal a relatable and likeable character, and introduce new characters like Razer and Aya that we the audience have grown attached to shows the amount of dedication and love the creators have for the show. Like I’ve said before, I’m going to miss this show when it ends next week.

But enough sadness (there’ll be enough of that next time), we’ve got the penultimate episode to deal with! After using the Interceptor to ultra-warp Aya-Monitor away and prevent further galactic destruction, the boys are a tad stranded. There’s some more fighting between Kilowog and Razer that rehashes how they might have to completely destroy his girlfriend and blah, blah, blah. You know where this is going. Hal, however, keeps receiving a strange signal on his ring and when Appa appears, he believes the Guardians have been trying to get a hold of them. They haven’t. This is the first time Appa’s tried “calling” any Green Lanterns since learning that the Manhunters are focusing all of their attention on the abandoned planet of Ranx. Why are they so interested in the planet? Not even the Guardians know, but all Green Lanterns needed to get there yesterday.

Assault on RanxWhen Hal and company arrive – only slightly late to the party – they find that Guy Gardner is leading the GL assault on the Manhunters. Guy’s apparently been promoted to Honor Guard as well, the fastest promotion ever. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with Hal who sees Guy’s strategy as fundamentally flawed considering the emotionally charged GL Corp will never be able to get the upper hand on robots programmed to detect and destroy emotions. Plus, the signal Hal’s been getting has strengthened since arriving near Ranx, leading him to believe that there’s someone on the planet calling for help. But how to get past the Manhunters? Luckily, Razer knows a technique learned from Saint Walker that could help them by purging themselves of emotions. It’s a risky move, and it almost works, until Razer hears Aya’s voice coming from one of the Manhunters. Unable to control his feelings, the guys hightail it to the surface of Ranx and are aided by the planet itself while being chased by Manhunters. Narrowly avoiding getting killed, they find that all is not as it appears when the distress signal Hal received came from none other than the disembodied head of the Anti-Monitor!

Machines are just so damn hard to get rid of, am I right? Apparently the life force of the Anti-Monitor jumped into his head after Aya ripped it off and the former god-like machine settled on Ranx in hopes of returning itself to its former glory. So why are the Manhunters so eager to take over Ranx? The Anti-Monitor, I guess while it was bumming around the galaxy during its college years, found a way to travel through time as a means of visiting the point of creation. Putting two and two together, the guys realize that Aya wants this technology so she can remake the universe,Guy vs Aya which is why the Anti-Monitor sent for help. As a sentient being, the GL Corp is required, by their own oath, to help it.

I feel like this episode should have been a two-parter. It feels like a set-up episode for a bigger pay-off that would’ve happened in part two. Hell, make this the first part of the three-part finale. Getting to Ranx and the assault on the planet took way more time in the episode considering the really good stuff, like the moral implications of protecting the Anti-Monitor and the almost certain conflicts Hal would’ve had with Appa and the Guardians over his decision, get resolved rather quickly in order to end the episode with Aya getting her time travel McGuffin and Razer coming to the conclusion that they need to stop her because she’s beyond saving. I understand why they did it, but it strikes me that there was a bit too much padding going on when the third act could have benefitted from more time to breathe. Not that I wasn’t entertained. I friggin’ LOVE Guy Gardner in this series!

Predictions for the Finale: Who has two thumbs and thinks Razer’s going to sacrifice himself to save the universe or save Aya? This girl! You just know it’s going to happen. Those two are going out with a bang! Probably in every literal sense.

DC Nation Short: Plastic Man is trapped inside a television set!

Favorite Moments:

  • That was a pretty sweet Daily Show reference
  • Love how Guy leads like a coach on the football field!
  • “Stupid robots. Remind me of my VCR and I showed it whose boss!”
  • “Let me go, I’m tryin’ to pick a fight!”
  • “I despise that you have a point.”
  • Never negotiate with all-powerful beings when you’re just a disembodied head.

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