Review – Green Lanterns #34

Green Lanterns #34

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Green Lanterns #34 (Work Release part 2) has Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz in quite a pickle. They have been sent to evacuate the planet Mol which is about to be destroyed by its sun. Simon has gone to help an Ungaran military transport ship, while Jessica Cruz is beneath the surface of the planet trying to save the Molite race of the planet. But the Molites think it is their destiny to die on the planet and do not want to be saved! Jessica Cruz is going to have to muster all of her will-power to save an entire civilization, while Simon Baz has a new use for the Green Lantern power ring. But this is not the worst of it. Back on Earth, Jess and Simon have to find actual real-world jobs!

Green Lanterns #34 Cover By Mike McKone
Green Lanterns #34 Cover By Mike McKone

So, in all transparency, Green Lanterns #34 is my first actual Green Lantern central comic I have read. Now I am super familiar with Green Lanterns as heroes from other DC comics, cartoons and other media (and I did review the 1st issue of Green Lanterns Planet of the Apes comic), but this was my first actual Green Lantern comic book I have sat down and read. I know it is weird that I jumped on the second part of a new story-line, but I really enjoyed what I read! Tim Seeley does a fantastic job of writing a really fun story and if I had read issue #33, the story probably would have been more complete, but I never really felt lost or confused while reading Green Lanterns #34.  Now I am not unfamiliar with Simon Baz or Jessica Cruz, I remember when they were introduced and have a vague idea of their characters, but this being my first real read of them I was super impressed with how Seeley wrote them. 

I immediately got each one of their personalities and character traits, what they are dealing with, and what the characters are like. That is super impressive for a writer to have all of that in an issue, none the less issue #34, and being able to convey all that to a reader like me who is just jumping on. Simon and Jessica play really well off each other and I really like their interactions and banter. Seeley writes them superbly well and really makes me want to read more stories with them. Green Lanterns #34 is just super well written and just an all-around good superhero comic book!


I am not familiar with Ronan Cliquet artwork, but after opening Green Lanterns #34 I knew I would like it. Cliquet’s art is nicely detailed and there is just a rough “texture” to the pages and characters, the feeling I think comes from the scratches and lines Cliquet puts on the characters. The Green Lantern light constructs look great and Cliquet puts some very nice small details in them that really make them come to life on the pages. There is also a great shot of Jessica and Simon flying off together in space that is absolutely wonderful. Cliquet also does some great work with facial expressions. You can see the happiness, struggle, disappointment etc. on the characters faces throughout each page in Green Lanterns #34. 


Being my first ever Green Lantern centered comic book experience, I was super impressed with Green Lanterns #34. Tim Seeley writes a really great comic book and this issue had everything that I look for in a good superhero story. The heroes have regular everyday life struggles that they have to deal with while still going out and doing something extraordinary. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have some great scenes together and I really like them as a team. Green Lanterns #34 was a really fun read for me and I will definitely be following the series for the near future!

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