Review – Green Lanterns #35

Green Lanterns #35

Oh, Balphuga, Where Art Thou? Part 1 

In Green Lanterns #35, Jessica Cruz finally works up the courage to ask her boss for a change in position. She has been in the kitchen for a few weeks and now she wants to be a waitress. But just when she goes to ask, Balphuga the Unrelenting shows up! Balphuga has just escaped from the Sciencella Green Lantern imprisonment centerand is looking for help. To figure out what Balphuga wants, Jessica needs Simon Baz’s help. Luckily, with no job, he has plenty of time to spare. So what is Balphuga up to? And why seek aid from two Green Lanterns if he just escaped their prison?Green Lanterns Issue #35

If you read my review of Green Lanterns #34, you know that I am not a big Green Lantern fan. In fact, #34 was my real first comic book exposure to a Green Lantern story. I was a little worried that maybe I would only enjoy that one story and this issue would be a letdown. Well, I am happy to report I loved Green Lanterns #35 and may start to call myself a Green Lantern fan if this keeps up!

Tim Seeley delivers a great superhero story in Green Lanterns #35. I loved seeing the heroes dealing with everyday, “normal” people problems while still doing something extraordinary. It is a great trope that is always fun to see. I also like the mystery Seeley is building with Balphuga. Plus, there is an interesting subplot continuing in this issue on the planet Ungara. It seems like it is building to something bigger in the future! I like that Seeley is slowly building up the Ungara subplot and doesn’t focus this whole issue on it. He allows the reader enjoy another story while Ungara develops in the background.


Carlo Barberi handles the art in Green Lanterns #35. When DC releases a series twice per month, we have a rotating artist instead of the same artist for each issue. That can be a downfall. However, this does not affect Green Lantern #35. Barberi employs a style that is not vastly different from Ronan Cliquet’s, who did the art for Green Lanterns #34. Barberi does a wonderful job catching the look and designs of these characters and they look amazing and “heroic” on the pages.

There are some fantastic sceneslike Simon suiting up and Jessica punching Balphugaand they look fabulous. Barberi also offers some great panel structure and layouts by breaking the panel borders and structuring the scenes in really inventive, fun ways! One possible improvement, in my opinion, would be adding a little more “movement” to the characters, as they tend to look a little static. It’s a minor flaw but something that would really enhance the art. 

Matt Santorelli’s inks are great with some really tight bold lines. Santorelli really makes the characters pop off the pages! Ulises Arreola’s colors are beautifully done and the different shades of green he uses for the Lanterns are perfect. 


I am loving Green Lanterns. The past two issues I have read have been just wonderful superhero books. Tim Seeley delivers what I want in a superhero story. We get to see our heroes doing ordinary things and extraordinary things simultaneously. We get to see them rise up and become something greater while they attempt to live ordinary lives. The art is also amazing in Green Lanterns #35. The artwork is bold and fits perfectly in a superhero book. I continue to be impressed with how easy it was for a new reader (of Green Lanterns) to jump in on this series in the 34th issue and still enjoy the story. I am excited about this issue and what comes next and that’s a great credit to the creative team!

Did you enjoy this issue of Green Lanterns? What do you think Bolphunga is up to? Let us know in the comments!


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