Review – Grimm Fairy Tales #35 (Zenescope Entertainment)

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Grimm Fairy Tales #35

Writer: Dave Franchini
Penciler: Cleber Lima
Colorist: Jorge Cortes and Maxflan Araujo
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: February 12th, 2019

There is a new threat to Wonderland as Skye’s armor becomes increasingly important. As she wanders the landscape of Wonderland, she struggles to make sense of the often-misleading land of dreams. 

The Mushroom Is Not a Fun Guy in Grimm Fairy Tales #35

Wonderland has typically served as the most compelling setting in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe. There are other realms (Neverland, Oz), but Wonderland was established early on as something different. The early stories made it hard to distinguish between the effects of Wonderland the challenges of mental health. This presentation was one of the more compelling treatments of mental health in comics, an often overlooked topic. It is, thus, interesting to see whenever any character ventures into the Wonderland of this shared universe. In Grimm Fairy Tales #35, there is some of the usual for this series. The villain is trying to gain control of Skye’s armor, while Skye is wandering the world trying to find answers. With the new setting come new challenges and new threats. Thus, the use of Wonderland gives a new perspective to the series. 


Grimm Fairy Tales #35 (Zenescope Entertainment) cover A by Riveiro
Grimm Fairy Tales #35 (Zenescope Entertainment) cover A by Riveiro

Though written by series regular Dave Franchini, the story here does not really devolve into the mess that Grimm Fairy Tales often do. The use of the new setting is good, as are the appearance of some of Carroll’s original characters. While Wonderland is the setting, the Grimm Fairy Tales story goes on, and is even a bit more compelling than usual here. Even better: although cliched at times, the dialogue never really devolves into too much meta-humor. as it often does to its own detriment. This issue is relatively strong with a more streamlined and more mature approach. 


Comics is a fascinating medium, in part because the setting is only limited by the imagination of the artists. That being the case, most artists are not put into a situation where they have to draw aggressive giant mushrooms. Despite the challenges of this weird world, artist Cleber Lima and colorists Jorge Cortes and Maxflan Araujo hold up well. It is especially the part of the story where Skye is wandering through Wonderland that is notable. The first part of the story is somewhat generic, but the art team proves its worth with a cool and creepy take on Wonderland. 


Though not without some challenges, Grimm Fairy Tales #35 puts the series back on track. It is frustrating at times to be a reader of this series, as the level of quality from issue to issue jumps dramatically. In this case, it would seem as though the series has maybe finally found its feet on this long story arc. At the very least, this issue creates enough atmosphere to create some interest for what might come in the next issue. It might not be at the top of the game of comic creation, but it at least proves that Zenescope knows how to get things right some of the time. 


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