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Grit #1
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Grit #1

Writer: Brian Wickman 
Artist: Kevin Castaniero 
Colorist: Simon Gough 
Letterer: Micah Myers 
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Scout Comics
Release Date: July 22, 2020

Old Man Barrow knows one way to get rid of monsters, and it is bloody and violent. Just the way he likes it.


Sit a Spell and Enjoy Grit #1

In a place where goblins and all types of fiends run wild, it takes a little extra to stay alive. It takes a little gumption to face the darkness outside the door. When life is already hard just trying to live off the land in this unforgivable landscape, you got to have some iron in your belly. I reckon you got to have yourself a little grit. Old Man Barrow has got some grit and plenty to spare. When the locals got a monster problem, Old Man Barrow has got a bloody violent solution in Grit #1.


Grit #1 (Scout Comics) cover by Kevin Castaniero
Grit #1 (Scout Comics) cover by Kevin Castaniero

Brian Wickman introduces us into this world in Grit #1. Story-wise there is little setup and lots of action as we are introduced to Old Man Barrow, looking to solve a goblin problem. That problem turns into something worse when he runs into a doomsday cult. Old Man Barrow is kind of like that classic “man with no name character”. Well, he has a name, but you get the idea. Loner, silent type with a penchant for violence. We get to know a little bit about him through other characters’ dialogue, but mainly we see what he is about through his actions in Grit #1.

Wickman does a good job of introducing Barrow and making him an interesting/intriguing character right away. I saw a description calling this a mix between The Witcher and Southern Bastards. After reading the issue, Old Man Barrow does seem like a mix between Geralt and Earl Tubbs. Grit #1 also has this nice southern/western with fantasy twist vibe echoing through the issue.

I do feel like something small, story-wise, is missing from the issue. I feel like Grit #1 just needed like one sentence or something, letting us know where we were at, or a little clarification on what exactly is happening. Nothing huge or overly expository, just a small explanation of the world we are in, to get us grounded. 


Overall I enjoyed the art in Grit #1. Kevin Castaniero delivers an energetic, violent style to the pages. He has that nice minimalist-yet-detailed, rough line style that gives an interesting visual flair. It feels like a bit of a mix between Hayden Sherman and James Stokoe to me, a little. Lots of energy and movement throughout the pages, with some good character acting and facial expressions.

Grit #1 only has two locations: the woods and a tavern. So we get an idea of what Castaniero can do with background detail, I will be interested to see what he does beyond these locations. Simon Gough does some excellent coloring work in Grit #1. Gough nails that western/old southern type vibe with his coloring scheme. A lot of browns and yellows across the pages bring that theme home in the story.

The art fits right in with the story being told and helps elevate it a bit. Again, we don’t get much story-wise in Grit #1 but the art helps set up what this character is all about and what we are getting into with this series.


For what was delivered, I liked Grit #1. What exactly that is is another question. Mainly just Old Man Barrow battling goblins and a doomsday cult, which was fun to see and a solid introduction to this character. But the world and the actual story remain a major mystery. The solicits for issues #2 and #3 hint at an actual story and Grit #1 did lock me in to follow the series. So, it has that going for it.

Grit #1 is another one of those books that I am liking the concept behind, but it felt like it is just missing a tiny something in this first issue to make it all come together. The art is good and the character is interesting, but it just needs maybe that “extra pinch of salt” to really bring out the flavor. Maybe the second issue will bring that; we will just have to wait and see, for now.

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