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Grit #2

Writer: Brian Wickman 
Artist: Kevin Castaniero 
Colorist: Simon Gough 
Letterer: Micah Myers 
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Scout Comics
Release Date: August 26, 2020

Old Man Barrow has killed and killed and killed. Mounds of goblins and other creatures lie at his feet, but what happens when hacking something to death only makes the problem worse?


Big Problems in Grit #2

Old Man Barrow can take care of many of a goblin problem with his trusty machete and ax. Not much he can’t slice and dice. Heck, last issue he came upon a doomsday cult and killed himself a blood demon! Now, in Grit #2, he finds himself hunting a dream hag. The witch might not know what it is getting into, digging around in his thoughts. Meanwhile, another witch finds a pile of goblin bodies and is on the hunt for Barrow. Two witches in the same day; it is not a good day for Old Man Barrow. Oh yeah, that blood demon? Maybe he shouldn’t have killed it.


Grit #2 (Scout Comics) cover by Kevin Castaniero
Grit #2 (Scout Comics) cover by Kevin Castaniero

I am still not sure exactly what this series is, but it is a lot of fun. Brian Wickman has built a strange world here—what feels like, to me, a mix of The Witcher and Southern Bastards. Old Man Barrow is exactly what he sounds like: an old, no-nonsense man who is good at hacking up goblins and other creatures. 

In Grit #2 we find Barrow once again in the woods, battling creatures. This time it is a dream hag, and Wickman digs a bit into the head of Barrow. It was nice to get a little information about the man. But that is a part of the character’s charm, that we do not know much about him. He is like a force of goblin-killing nature. I guess that is the line you toe of keeping the mystique about but still developing his character. It is also nice that in Grit #2 he gets another character to play off of. I won’t go into details, to avoid spoilers, but it adds a different dynamic to the book.

With only one more issue to go, I do not know exactly where Wickman is taking us. It seems like we have a story building with the doomsday cult and blood demon. But I am not sure how that gets wrapped up in one issue. Or if it is an ongoing type story, or if the next issue will be another kind of one-off type story.


I am totally digging the art by Kevin Castaniero in this series. He delivers some more wild, kinetic visuals in Grit #2. His style fits this series perfectly. It is rough, textured, and heavy; forgive my wording, but it is “gritty”. When you hear about a book about an old country farmer-looking guy killing goblins, titled Grit, this is exactly what you expect it to look like.

Castaniero has fantastic facial expressions and character acting, as well. Just tons of great visual storytelling through characters’ faces and body posture. Castaniero nails every aspect of the book, from great, brutal battles to more subtle dramatic moments. Also some wonderful creature and character design, as well.

The coloring work from Simon Gough is very well done. I like the yellow/brown sun-setting type hue he paints the book in. It sets a good tone and feel for the issue. He also adds to that “gritty”, rough type texture of the series. Again, the coloring also fits the series, given it that bit more “dusty” feeling or look.


Grit #2 is a solid entry and a good second issue. If you liked the first issue then you will certainly love Grit #2. I am not exactly sure what the series is, what it is going for, or where it is going. But it is not boring and will keep you interested through each page-turn. The art delivers from page to page. For right now, Grit is about an old man killing goblins, witches, demons, and who knows what else. In Grit #2 he may even make a “frenemy”.

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