Review – Grit #3 (Scout Comics)

Grit #3 (Scout Comics) cover (detail) by Kevin Castaniero
  • Writing - 7.5/10
  • Art - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8/10

Grit #3

Writer: Brian Wickman 
Artist: Kevin Castaniero 
Colorist: Simon Gough 
Letterer: Micah Myers 
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Scout Comics
Release Date: September 16, 2020

Old Man Barrow and Ari the Witch, together to save the world. Nothing can go wrong with this, right?

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True Grit #3

The final issue is here in this three-part series in Grit #3. It seems old man Barrow killing a bunch of goblins and disturbing a Doomsday Cult has doomed the whole world. I guess you can’t just hack away at a blood demon and expect it just to die and stay dead! Who knew? Well, Barrow now has to team up with the witch, Ari, he met last issue, to save the world or something. Nothing Old Man Barrow hates more than a witch. Barrow just wants to hack and slash with his axe and machete. But Ari knows how to beat the blood demon. Can the two get along long enough to save the world, or is the whole planet doomed?


Grit #3 (Scout Comics) cover by Kevin Castaniero
Grit #3 (Scout Comics) cover by Kevin Castaniero

I have been enjoying the character work Brian Wickman has been doing in this series. He has gotten us a bit into the head of Old Man Barrow and set us on a journey with him. Teaming him up in an “odd couple” type situation with the witch, Ari, works perfectly for Grit #3 and the back-and-forth between the two is the highlight of the issue.

There are a lot of funny little bits in here. Wickman’s comedy shines when he has the birds talking to Ari. Some definite giggling moments throughout the issue. He mixes and matches the comedy aspects of the series well with the action. Wickman switches between funny and serious seamlessly throughout. 

I am not sold on the whole three-issue deal with this series. It felt like the story needed a fourth issue. The character work and tone are great in Grit #3. But it did feel a little bit rushed. I think more time with Barrow and Ari would have helped out a lot. l did enjoy the ending to Grit #3 and the series, but I think it would have been more impactful with one more issue under its belt. 


Overall I have pretty much loved the art in this series, and Grit #3 delivers more of the same. In my review of the first issue, I noted artist Kevin Castaniero had a “Hayden Sherman and James Stokoe” type mix or feel to his art, and I continue to believe that. 

Great action and layouts throughout the series and this issue. Wonderful character movement. Nothing ever feels stagnant or still. He has solid character acting, as well, and helps tell the story with his visuals. Grit #3 features some great action scenes that Castaniero continues to capture perfectly. But he also does a great job of capturing the comedy aspect of the book as well, which isn’t easy to do.

Some continued fantastic coloring work by Simon Gough in Grit #3 as well. He does a superb job of capturing the theme and feel of this world, that “Witcher/Southern Bastards” type feeling the solicits and I talk about in my reviews. Gough brings that forth in his coloring work. Again, he makes it “gritty/dirty” but also captures the lighthearted comedy in the series with his coloring work as well.


Grit #3 was a good issue and a pretty solid ending to the series. But I am a bit torn with the series as a whole. On one hand, I really just like the feel and tone of it. The setting, Old Man Barrow, Ari the Witch are all wonderfully done. It was a fun three-issue romp and I want more. But at the same time, the story itself told in these three issues really didn’t knock my socks off. It was okay, but felt like it needed more breathing room.

So I guess what I want is more! I want more of Old Man Barrow’s adventures in this world. I want him on a journey with Ari. Well, I guess that means the creative team did its job. While maybe this opening story wasn’t the best, they made some fun and interesting characters and a world that I want more of. So that is a big win for them, and I hope we do get more.

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