Review – Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0

I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first found Hawkeye vs Deadpool in the pages of the monthly Marvel previews book.  There it was, staring blankly up at me in full color.  Hawkeye vs. Deadpool.  So it was written, so shall it be.

Clarification: I love Hawkeye.  I’m so-so on Deadpool.  I like Deadpool as a topping, but not as a full meal.  I’m not sure that makes sense.  Roll with it.  I previously reviewed Secret Avengers #7, where I expressed that I can find Deadpool too gimmicky and deus ex machina-y to really enjoy him as a character.  And I was worried that because of that, Clint Barton would be dumbed down to better suit Deadpool’s trademark, overdone wackiness.

instagramfabulous copy
There’s only one comment on this photo on Clint’s instagram and it reads “@KateBishop: You are the biggest nerd in the world wow”

Good news: this issue actually handled both characters really well.  For one, it takes place on Halloween, and as we all know, only good things happen on Halloween.  Only good things.  We hear that Clint gives out full size candy bars, only to find out that he doesn’t, and Halloween is now ruined.  Also, we’re treated to Clint in a pretty adorable Ultron costume, except that he had to take out his hearing aids so that he could wear the costume headpiece, and has rendered himself functionally deaf for the evening.

Also, kudos to Gerry Duggan for not ignoring Clint’s deafness, and instead making it a point that he’s reading lips and using sign language.  Even though I don’t think the book is 100% consistent about the disability (at times Clint will respond to people he’s not looking at), there is a sense that they are trying to at least honor the disability and make a point about it.  It’s not perfect, and it certainly doesn’t touch Fraction and Aja’s portrayal of deaf Clint, but it is mentioned in the story, and it does come into play during the fight scene.


Speaking of the fight scene, it’s pretty cool and really well-drawn, so even if you’re like me and aren’t 100% sure what’s going on, it’s still cool to look at.  And as far as being confused by the overall plot of the story goes; this is technically supposed to be a mystery comic.  I’m not actually all that interested in the mystery as much as I am in Clint and Wade solving it; I’m also crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe the “Other Hawkeye” alluded to in the “next time”  blurb will be Kate Bishop. Maybe f I close my eyes and hope real hard.

I’m looking forward to seeing what antics these two get up to next month, and I hope this book keeps at its current pace!

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