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Hawkman #5
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Writer: Robert Venditti

Penciller: Bryan Hitch

Inker: Bryan Hitch & Andrew Currie

Colorist: Jeremiah Shipper

Letterer: Starkings and Comicraft

Maturity Rating: Teen

Publisher: DC Comics

Release: October 10, 2018

Ray Palmer and Carter Hall discover the secrets of the Nth metal in the Microverse!


Honey, I Shrunk the Hawkman in Hawkman #5

Carter Hall, aka Hawkman, has been traveling far and wide learning about different lives he has lived while being reincarnated. In Hawkman #5 he ends up in a place he never thought. Hawkman lands in the Microverse! A whole tiny universe filled with different life forms, planets and organisms he has never fathomed. Luckily one person is there that Carter Hall knows very well: Ray Palmer, “the Atom.” With Palmer’s help, they start to unwind Hawkman’s varied pasts, but that leads them to trouble in the Microverse! 


Hawkman #5 (DC Comics) foil cover by Bryan Hitch
Cover by Bryan Hitch

So, Hawkman #5 is my first official read into this new Hawkman series. I think I skimmed through the first issue but honestly, I don’t remember much about it. I have always wanted to get into Hawkman. Something about that very simple and silly costume and the mace catches my imagination. Like most people, the continuity of Hawkman and the constant explanation of it always threw me off. Well, Hawkman #5 continues to deal with Hawkman’s varied continuity, but at least it is kind of fun.

Robert Venditti does a solid job in Hawkman #5 to catch up readers and honestly, it is a solid jumping-on point as it is a start of a “newer” story arc. Basically, in Hawkman #5 we start out right in the Microverse and Venditti gets the whole story out with a conversation between Palmer and Hall. The first half of the issue sets up the rest of the story arc to come.

Venditti does a good job with the friendship of Hawkman and the Atom. They play off each other well and the story almost has a “throwback” quality to it. Hawkman #5 feels like a golden age type story. It has got a wacky kind of concept and introducing the planet Moz-Ga, “the thinking planet,” is all kinds of fun. I do kind of wish this all didn’t have to do with Hawkman’s lineage or past life. Like can’t the dude just have a fun adventure without trying to sort out his continuity?


Bryan Hitch does some fine penciling and ink work (with Andrew Currie) in Hawkman #5. He has got a nice bold “superhero” type style that works well in big action shots and two-page spreads. He also fills out the pages well, adding some wonderful background detail and making the world of the Microverse come alive. I also enjoy his panel setups and layouts; they are great. I do wish his art had a little more dynamic type of feeling. The characters feel a little static on the pages; the facial expressions need a little more detail as well. There is a wonderful two-page spread of Hawkman flying with the Atom on his shoulder. It looks great, with delightful detail, and the perspective of the shot is fantastic.

Colorist Jeremiah Shipper does a swell job of adding some charming colors into Hawkman #5. The blues and greens of Hawkman’s and the Atom’s costumes work well against the dingy gray terrain of Moz-Ga. There is one tiny thing that caught my eye: after that wonderful giant shot of Hawkman flying in the sky with the Atom, there is another smaller panel below it. It shows Hawkman still flying but his pants change from green to blue. Not that big of a deal, but after that beautiful giant panel, it is pretty noticeable.


I mostly enjoyed Hawkman #5; it was a fun story that harkened back to the golden age era. I do wish we would stop focusing on Hawkman’s past and just let him do some adventure stuff or have some kind of other stories though. The art, for the most part, is good sequential work. There is one big error in Hawkman #5. In one panel toward the beginning, The Atom is supposed to be explaining to Hawkman that he is in the Microverse but the balloon dialogue boxes are on the wrong characters. In all fairness, I am reading an early digital review copy so hopefully, this got fixed. But it is a pretty big error and it threw me off for a few seconds. 

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