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Head Lopper #10
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Head Lopper #10

Writer: Andrew Maclean
Artist: Andrew Maclean
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Erin Maclean
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release: November 12, 2018

The city of Venoriah holds many secrets past and present. Norgal and Agatha may not be safe for long.


“War Ensemble”


Norgal has been allowed into the City of Venoriah after saving “the swords of Venora” from the goblins. Not everyone is super excited about having The Head Lopper in the very religious city. Plus his talking basket is a little weird! Archelic Florentine is not on the “up and up” and some evil stranger orders the capture of Norgal and Agatha for unknown reasons. War is also brewing between the citizens of Venoriah and the goblins as the egg they worship begin to crack. Hoping to wish their “god” a fire-breathing toad into the world the goblins have brought tension to the city and that is about to explode in Head Lopper #10.


Head Lopper #10 (volume 3 part 2 of 4) continues to add some depth to the Head Lopper mythos. It looks like in this volume Andrew Maclean looks to add to the backstory of Norgal and Agatha the witch. We saw in the previous issue how they met and some interesting story points of the two are brought up here. I am torn a little bit on this, I am kind of wondering if Norgal and Agatha are those characters that are better being a little more mysterious? Kind of like Wolverine when we did not know much about him he was a lot cooler. That being said Andrew Maclean is a great storyteller and after interviewing him I trust he has good plans for them.

This current volume of Head Lopper has not grabbed a hold of me as much as the previous two volumes. I like the new story, it just seems a little more spread out than previous volumes. It feels like we are missing some parts of the story as we jump from different characters quite often in Head Lopper #10. It just doesn’t feel as concentrated story-wise, there are a lot of different plots going on that do not feel as fleshed out. The story is still a lot of fun and interesting it just feels like it is not as “full” as the previous ones.


Variant Cover by Jeanne D'Angelo & Andrew MacLean
Variant Cover by Jeanne D’Angelo &
Andrew MacLean

Obviously, the art continues to be tremendous in Head Lopper #10, Andrew Maclean and Jordie Bellaire always deliver some beautiful pages to look at. Jordie plays a lot with a variety of colors in this issue. There are some great pages at the beginning that switches from some bold reds to almost electric blue to a dazzling green. It is a great change of colors from page to page and has a fantastic visual effect. Jordie brings a lot to this series with her remarkable coloring work.

Maclean’s art style continues to be distinct from anything else in comics right now. He is one of those artists that as soon as you see the picture you know it is from him. Head Lopper #10 uses a more “basic” panel structure and layout. He doesn’t play a lot with panel structure, but for the story, the more straightforward approach works.

The character designs are fantastic it is always a joy to see what Maclean will come up with next. I love all the goblins and creatures showcased in this volume. He puts such great little details in them that it is always a delight to look at them and spark your own imagination.


Head Lopper #10 is another solid entry into the series. While for me the story is lacking a little bit from the previous volumes I am still enjoying myself. The world of Agatha and Norgal is always a fun romp. You never know what is going to pop up from page to page. Andrew Maclean has a fantastic creative mind to keep the readers on their toes.

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