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Head Lopper #11
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Writer: Andrew MacLean
Artist: Andrew MacLean
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterers: Andrew & Erin MacLean
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: March 13, 2019

Norgal confronts the First Sword and their past history as the Goblins continue to edge closer to Venoriah.

“Frog Stomp” Head Lopper #11

Norgal speaks with the “First Sword” to the king of Venoriah, Balan. They have a past together that needs to be sorted out. The Goblin presence becomes increasingly wary outside the gates of the city. Their Toad “god” has hatched, but only its bones remained. With their “god” dead the Goblins are frozen for the moment. In Head Lopper #11 Venoriah launches an attack against the Goblins; meanwhile, Brishka attempts to rescue Agatha from the clutches of Florentine and the mysterious Dark Master that wants Norgal and Agatha for its own evil doings.


Head Lopper #1 (Image Comics) cover A by Andrew MacLean
Head Lopper #1 (Image Comics) cover A by Andrew MacLean

I really do like the quarterly releases of Head Lopper. You get more pages and story for your money. It gives you a lot more than a mere snippet of what is happening. That being said, I did have a little trouble in keeping the story thread in Head Lopper #11 & the Knights of Venora Volume 3: #3 of 4. Maclean has a lot going on in this 3rd volume of Head Lopper and it can get a little muddled when you have to wait 3 months for the next installment. Even with the recap essay in the front, I found myself several times trying to figure out which characters had done what previously, leading up to Head Lopper #11.

It is not terrible, just a little frustrating at times. I still do like that we are exploring Norgal and Agatha’s backstory of how they met. MacLean is handling that story point very well. Sometimes characters are better off left with a little mystery to them. MacLean does a good job of weaving how the “Head Lopper” Norgal came into possession of Agatha’s head while exploring this city of Venoriah and its connection to Norgal. He still leaves a bit of mystery to the characters while giving them some background details.


I still love Andrew MacLean‘s art style. It is just style that is uniquely his own and something you do not see often, so it’s special when a new Head Lopper comes out. Again, as I have talked about in my previous reviews of Head Lopper, it is that beautiful “simplicity” of his art style that is so eye-catching. At first glance, it may not look like much, but when you start to really look at it you can see the wonderful creativity in his designs. His dark, bold ink lines also work tremendously well in making his art stand out on the pages.

There are some really cool sequences at the beginning of Head Lopper #11 where Jordie Bellaire gets to use some wild colors. She paints everything in this lime green and almost neon yellow coloration. It has this psychedelic look that probably shouldn’t look as good as it does, but it works wonderfully well on the pages. Then, for a few panels, it switches to a bright blue color that, again, looks delightful on the pages.


Head Lopper #11 is another good entry into the series. I like the quarterly format; it is just that in this Vol. 3 of the series there is a lot more going on with multiple characters, and at times it is a little hard to remember the main story thread. It still remains a wonderful sword-and-sorcery, fantasy, hack-and-slash story like none other. The art is stunningly good. And I am always excited to see what Andrew MacLean has dreamed up for each new issue.

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