Review – Head Lopper #13 (Image Comics)

  • Writing - 9.5/10
  • Art - 9.2/10
  • Overall - 9.3/10

Head Lopper #13

Writer: Andrew MacLean
Artist: Andrew MacLean
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Erin MacLean
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: September 15, 2020

Norgal and Agatha are set on another adventure, one that brings Norgal’s past to the present.

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Head Lopper and the Quest for Mulgrid’s Stair

Oh yes, it is time for another quarterly adventure with everyone’s favorite head-lopping brute, Norgal! He has a new crew and a new quest, and of course, Agatha, the smack-talking witch’s head, is along for the ride. In Head Lopper #13 or Head Lopper and the Quest for Mulgrid’s Stair Vol. 4 (#1 of 4) we find our head-chopping hero fresh off the battle of Venoriah (previous quarterly adventure). Brishika, the stealthy, ninja-like thief/warrior, has joined the crew as she keeps the promise of the Knights of Venora to protect the head of Agatha. Goat the Greybeard has also joined the adventure; the former Florentine henchman is ready for a journey.

Head Lopper #13 (Image Comics) cover B by Daniel Warren Johnson
Head Lopper #13 (Image Comics) cover B by Daniel Warren Johnson

Agatha’s head is a top prize and, as always, the hunt is on for it. In Head Lopper #13 our crew arrives in a new city. One that Norgal is all too familiar with, and the citizens, all too familiar with him. What secrets of the Head Lopper’s past will be revealed in the pages of Head Lopper #13?


I am always excited when a new Head Lopper comes out. Andrew MacLean rarely disappoints, and this new adventure in Head Lopper #13 is off to a great start. I continue to love MacLean’s imagination throughout the journey of Norgal the Head Lopper. This issue in particular is a spectacularly strong start to the story. There is a fantastic action opening scene before MacLean sets us off on our new journey.

The quarterly release and extra-sized issues are wonderful for this series. You get a ton of story for your money. Maybe the only downfall is it is a bit hard to remember what happened in the previous volume, but it does slowly start to trickle back. But MacLean is excellent at pacing the story well for the oversized issues and quarterly format.

MacLean has done a wonderful job of traversing us through the lands of Head Lopper. With each volume, we get new areas and new foes as we slowly learn who Norgal is. It is fantastic world-building and character-building as well. Norgal’s mysterious layers have been slowly pulled back, and this issue might have the most shocking reveal of them all about who Norgal was.

MacLean also does an excellent job of introducing new and interesting characters to the world of Head Lopper. In the previous volume, Brishika and Goat the Greybeard were introduced, and now they are officially part of the party. After one issue you become attached to them, and in the world of Head Lopper you know their fates are not safe.


I have been reviewing Head Lopper for a while now (I got to interview Andrew MacLean as well) and I love me some Andrew MacLean art. His hand stays true and steady as always in Head Lopper #13. His wonderfully unique style rings tried-and-true as ever in this issue. I think I may have run out of words to describe MacLean’s style. Let’s just say it is simply/complex, in that, at first glance, it seems like a “simple” basic cartooning style, but as you immerse yourself in it, you see all the wonderful little nuances and details he puts in.

Again, I love MacLean’s imagination in the visual storytelling as well. As previously noted, in each new volume of Head Lopper we get new characters, new locations, and all sorts of different creatures, and it is always a treat to see what MacLean will display. And we get some delightful new designs in Head Lopper #13.

He also does fantastic character acting and visual storytelling as well. With small changes in characters’ eyes, body posture, expressions, or what-have-you, MacLean uses all superbly well to tell his story.

Obviously you can’t go wrong with Jordie Bellaire on colors. The colorist extraordinaire shines once again on the pages of Head Lopper #13. Great mix of bright and dark colors throughout the issue, setting a fantastic tone and feel for the issue and story at hand.


If you are a fan of Head Lopper then you have been foaming at the mouth to get your hands on Head Lopper #13. If you are new to the adventure you probably want to pick up the first three volumes. Head Lopper and the Quest for Mulgrid’s Stair Vol. 4 (#1 of 4) is a wonderful start to another quarterly adventure for Norgal. Full of intrigue, deception, and secrets revealed (and of course head-lopping), this is an issue not to be missed!

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