Review – Head Lopper # 7

Head Lopper #7 (and The Crimson Tower 3 of 4)

Three months have already passed by so you know it is time for another head chopping adventure with Norgal and his crew! Head Lopper #7 brings us right back into the action. In the previous issue, the group decided to split up to recover the four Crystal Eyes faster rather than sticking together. While Norgal and Agatha were able to defeat the Harpies and collect one Crystal Eye, Zhaania and XHO did not fare so well in the snow realm of the fabled Bone Helm warrior. While Zhannia was able to recover the crystal eye and defeat Bone Helm, XHO was fatally wounded in the battle. While all this was happening Ulrich struck a deal with Twerpal and Bik, if they would bring him the head of Agatha the witch he would set them free. Norgal comforts Zhannia with her loss of XHO, but they know they have not much time to mourn as there are two other Crystal Eyes to secure before completing this trial. What creatures and beast await them is anyone’s guess, but their greatest enemies might be their new little “friends”!


Andrew Maclean continues to deliver a fantastic adventure/fantasy story in Head Lopper #7. I love the way he sets up the story with each issue we get these little mini-quest/adventures inside the main quest, it makes the story feel all that much more fuller and exciting. Having the group split up is also a nice way for us to get some more introspective on the characters and how they are dealing with this adventure internally. Head Lopper #7 gets a little bit more in the head of the characters and lets us know that sometimes the greatest battles are on the inside. Maclean has developed all of these characters wonderfully, while still delivering some heart-pounding adventure with each and every installment of this series.


Maclean’s art style continues to shine in Head Lopper #7. He gets great emotion and feeling off the pages by character motions and body positions of his characters, even without great detail, he gets simple emotions across with beautiful art and some good lettering. This quest storyline also has allowed for Maclean to deliver some very imaginative fantasy creatures into this series and in Head Lopper #7 he does not disappoint with some truly strange monsters that pop up. Jordie Bellaire continues to be a welcome addition to the art team and she adds so much “flavor” to the world of Head Lopper. She gets to use a wide variety of different colors and shades throughout this Issue and it is wonderful to see what she brings with each turn of the page!


Head Lopper continues to be one of the most exciting and best-looking books on the shelves; with a great adventure fantasy story that will have the reader on the edge of their seat and will have their eyes gleaming with excitement. The quarterly installments of this series fit perfectly and you get more than your money’s worth with Head Lopper #7. With only one more issue to go the warriors a getting closer and closer to getting to the end of the Trial of the Crimson Tower, with so many warriors already lost will they be able to defeat the Trails of the Crimson Towers or fall to its might?

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