Review- Head Lopper #5


Head Lopper #5

Everyone’s favorite warrior is back for another adventure and it does not take long for the heads to start flying! Norgal is joined by his fellow warriors Zhaania Kota K and her apprentice XHO to do battle. Oh yes and Agatha is still “hanging” with Norgal making snippy comments and literally being a pain in the neck. Zhaania has a score to settle and the battle begins at the fabled Crimson Tower. Beast will be battled, the adventure will be had and yes heads will be lopped!

HEAD LOPPER #5 Cover by Andrew MacLean
HEAD LOPPER #5 Cover by Andrew MacLean
Head Lopper #5 (1 of 4 for this story arc) is another great installment for this quarterly series. First I think it is great that Andrew Maclean puts this series out quarterly with almost fifty pages of story as you really get your money’s worth with this book. Maclean does a fantastic job with the adventures of Norgal, Zahaania, and XHO, slowly developing these characters throughout the first series and into this new story arc. We learn a little more about Zahaania this issue and why it is so important for her to conquer this Crimson Tower. Maclean does a great job of mixing humor and action in the Head Lopper series and Agatha is still the perfect foil to Norgal’s serious demeanor. He also introduces some crazy new characters and beast into this world in this issue that will be very interesting to see where they go as this arc continues. He does a great job of pacing the comic through the pages giving us high action and then slowing down and ramping up and then ending the issue on a great little cliffhanger that will make it hard to wait for the next quarter for a new issue.


Maclean cartooning style is just beautiful and makes the world of Head Lopper like nothing else. Maclean’s style is very difficult to describe it is cartoony yet very detailed, it looks minimalist but at the same time, his backgrounds and characters all have individualistic details making every page vibrant and alive, full of little details and imagination. His character designs continue to be top notch and each monster or creature is always something that pops off the page. Going along with his story pacing he does some great panel layouts that help control the pacing of the story. Jordie Bellaire steps in on colors for this issue and makes the world come alive like she always does. It seems that she went with a little brighter tone of colors than the previous arc (it fits in well since the first half of the book is on and island), she matches Maclean’s drawings perfectly and makes all these characters really jump off the pages of the issue.


Head Lopper and The Crimson Tower #5 (1 of 4) feels like a video game set up. With different levels, battles, puzzles, and creatures, must be defeated and solved to make it to the main boss and this was just the first level, it is truly a fantastic read. You may want to pick up the first story arc Head Lopper and The Island or Plague of Beast to get the full impact of the story but Maclean makes it to where you could jump right in with only minor confusion. Maclean and Bellaire make a fantastic team and this is another great entry into this series. With quarterly releases, this is a hefty book and you get a great amount of story and a pin-up gallery for $5.99, well worth admission!

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