Review – Head Lopper #6

Head Lopper #6

“The Twice Damned”

The second entry into the Head Lopper and the Crimson Tower story gets off to a hectic start and does not let up until the end. In the first issue, four warriors were slain during the first trial of The Crimson Tower including Harpo leaving his brothers Twerpal and Bik in grief. With a little time to rest the warriors Norgal, Zhaania and XHO gear up for the next trial “The Quest for the Crystal Eyes”. The must recover two crystal eyes on two different paths protected by creatures of unimaginable horror. Noragl wished to stick together to collect the eyes, but Zhaania argues it would be quicker to split up down the two paths to collect the “eyes”, Norgal agrees and goes down one path while Zhaania with her apprentice XHO travels the other path. Neither group knows what vile creatures await them and if they will make it out alive. While the warriors are gone Ulrich “The Twice Damned” ruler of The Crimson Tower lays a plan to use Twerpal and Bik’s grief against them defeat the warriors no matter what!


After three long months, Andrew Maclean delivers another great Head Lopper story! The quarterly releases really work well for these oversized issues and Maclean does a great job of delivering enough story to make the reader feel satisfied while still having you anticipate the next issue. With the set up already finished in the previous Issue, Maclean really ramps up the action and gets to the “meat of the story with issue #6 (#2 of the Crimson Tower storyline). We get some great set up of possible future twist with Ulrich manipulating Twerpal and Bik and even learn a little bit about Norgal’s past (Baby Head Lopper!). Maclean also delivers some great action as it wouldn’t be an issue of Head Lopper without seeing some heads roll.


Maclean once again also delivers some beautiful artwork in this issue. His style is just wonderful, as commented on in my previous review his style at first glance seems very simple and not very detailed until you really look at his pages. Macleans style is very complex in its simplicity (if that makes sense), his designs seem very “basic” in nature until you really look at the characters, creatures, and backgrounds and then you realize just how detailed and complicated his art really is, when you take time to really examine his art you then realize that it is just a thing of beauty. Having Jordie Bellaire on colors only enhances everything by ten fold, the colors on this issue are amazing. There are a few different set pieces throughout this issue and Bellaire gets a chance to play with many different backdrops and settings and she really makes them pop off the page. Bellaire obviously knows how to use her skills to compliment the story and she really shows this with her color work in this issue.


This issue is another great entry into the Head Lopper series.  Maclean continues to deliver a story that has action, adventure, and drama that should not be missed by any comic book fan. Having Jordie Bellaire join in on the fun enhances the story and art to another degree. Ulrich “The Twice Damned” will try to stop Norgal “The Head Lopper” at any cost, will it be Norgal and his warrior friends blood that fills The Crimson Tower or can they conquer Ulrich and his devilish trials?

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