Review – Home Sick Pilots #2 (Image Comics)

  • Writing - 8.2/10
  • Art - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8.3/10

Home Sick Pilots #2

Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Caspar Wijngaard
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Designer: Tom Muller
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: January 13, 2020

Ami, lead singer in the high school punk band the Home Sick Pilots, had a great idea: play a show in the supposedly-haunted James house. But maybe those rumors about it being haunted are true. Now Ami is tasked with getting the ghosts back to where they belong.

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“Punk Rock Is Dead” Home Sick Pilots #2

Punk rock is far from dead in 1994, but high school punk band the Nuclear Bastards are certainly dead, dead in Home Sick Pilots #2. Ami had a fantastic plan for her band, the Home Sick Pilots, to finally upstage the Nuclear Bastards: play a show in the Old James House, the neighborhood’s supposedly-haunted house. People at school always gave Ami grief, and she had been through a lot in life, but her friends/bandmates finally made her feel “home”. She had never made many good decisions, but scoping out the James House by herself might be the worst. Her friends went in after she disappeared, only to find the Nuclear Bastards in there as well. It seems the house did not like this too much and decimated the whole band, leaving Ami’s friends covered in blood and traumatized.

Home Sick Pilots #2 (Image Comics) cover B by Christian Ward
Home Sick Pilots #2 (Image Comics) cover B by Christian Ward

What about Ami, you say? Well, she turns up in Los Angeles, a specter or avatar of the house now. It’s looking to get its ghosts back. Ami starts the task in Home Sick Pilots #2. She finds herself in places and doing things she would have never dreamed of at all.


Probably the most interesting and maybe the best sort of praise I have for Home Sick Pilots #2 is that I really needed no refresher for what happened in issue #1. I remembered it all straight away, which means, I guess, the first issue really stuck with me. Dan Watters pens a weird, strange tale with this series. A series about a high school punk band takes an odd, Scooby-Doo-like turn and I am all here for it.

So, without getting into any major spoilers, we find that in Home Sick Pilots #2 Ami is tasked by the house to get back some artifacts or “ghosts”. The horseshoe in the previous issue is the main object in this issue. Watters crafts a fascinating little story around the horseshoe, its “powers”, and what it has done to the young lady who has it. Wonderful little captivating story, in and of itself.

Watters does a fantastic balancing act in this issue. While pushing the story forward, he continues to develop Ami and her character, still slowly divulging what happened to her. He also switches back and forth between characters and scenes superbly well. It helps the story flow well through the issue.

Home Sick Pilots #2 took a swift new turn that I was expecting. It is hard to categorize what, exactly, it is. A little horror, a little action, but it also has that fun Scooby-Doo type element as well. It is just a nice mixture that I am very much enjoying at the moment.


The art continues to be beautifully done in Home Sick Pilots #2. Caspar Wijngaard once again shines with fantastic character designs. The ghost characters look absolutely delightful. The horseshoe character looks wonderfully creepy. Characters do still look a little stiff and stagnant at times. But I still can’t get over the look and style of the characters; I just love the early/mid-’90s punk look.

Caspar Wijngaard’s art shines the brightest with some truly mesmerizing coloring work. These brighter colorations should not work so well but, by gosh, they look absolutely stunning on the pages. Each page is filled with some dazzling colors that capture the eyes and imagination.

Much like my review of issue #1, I just love the overall design and look of the series. It has an image and look all of its own. The images do a great job of capturing the mood and tone of the issue.


Home Sick Pilots #2 is an odd book. From a high school punk band finding a place to do a show, to a girl dealing with her own self and tragedy by becoming a specter of a house and findings its lost objects, it is a weird setup. But man, I am certainly digging it right now. I won’t say it is perfect, but I find myself captivated by it.

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