Review – Honor and Curse #2 (Mad Cave Studios)

Honor and Curse #2
  • Writing - 9.7/10
  • Art - 9.7/10
  • Overall - 9.7/10


Writer: Mark London
Artist: Nikolas Salamanca
Colorist: Tekino
Maturity Rating: M
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Release Date: March 20th, 2019

Master Nishiro confronts the rival Koga’s Kunoichi, Lady Yua, to discuss a major concern involving Genshi. Meanwhile, Genshi’s visions are getting worse as his grip on reality continues to slip. Later on, Nishiro sends Genshi on a mission to an abandoned cottage in order to spy on Koga soldiers and discover any plans they might have to attack the Iga. Upon his arrival, Genshi is caught by surprise by Lady Yua and her gang. Is Lady Yua too much for Genshi to handle or will Genshi embrace the spirit haunting his nightmares?

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I must remain vigilant in Honor and Curse #2


Genshi is now grown up and training to become a warrior for IGA Village where he was adopted into. Not only is Genshi trying to train to become a promising Shinobi, but he is also wanting to marry the lovely daughter of Lord Haruki. Unfortunately, he is cursed by a spirit that blurs the lines between reality and dreams.


Honor And Curse #2 Cover Art by Nicolas Salamanca (Mad Cave)
Honor And Curse #2 Cover Art by Nicolas Salamanca (Mad Cave Studios)

Mark London has done it again! I was swept away with Midnight Task Force, though Honor and Curse takes it to a whole other realm. Any time I pick up a comic written by London I know it will be breathtaking. Honor and Curse #2 proves this right from the beginning panels of the first issue. This second issue brings in more or the story of Genshi when he first came to the village.

The writing style is heavy and full of an intricate yet simple storyline. This allows the reader to get swept into the characters and predict what may be coming next. The story itself is a bit of Karate Kid and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The relationships between the characters are thoughtfully delivered. Not only am I extremely impressed with the romantic relationship London has created, though between Genshi and Nishiro the relationship they share is starting to unfold. 

London has not produced anything I have not loved so far and I am so excited to be able to fall in love with this series, Honor And Curse.


Delving into the art in Honor and Curse #2, could not be any more perfect. Nicolas Salamanca has brought Edo Period Japan to life in these pages. The characters have dimension and such precision that you really can play this series in your head like a movie. There are some panels that pane out to see the Japanese architecture that is beautiful. It is also assisted by gorgeous coloring by Tekino.

The coloring changed within the issue to show different areas you were in and scenarios the main character was in. When he was training with his friend it was more masculine. Then when Nishiro met with Yua it was feminine. This seemed to be prevalent throughout the issue.

Salamanca’s full-page spreads, within this issue, were so delicate. I loved the way Genshi and Akemi were portrayed together. Especially her elegant robes pooling on the floor in a royal fashion.


Clearly, if you haven’t figured it out by the descriptions of my feelings above, I highly praise this series already! It is thrilling, captivating and extremely fun to read. The 32 pages go by so quickly you don’t even realize you are reading.

As I stated before it is almost like a movie playing in your head as you go from panel to panel. I was a bit upset that with this issue it ends with such a cliffhanger. Which means the 3rd issue will be just as intense and exciting.

To follow the art is just spectacular. Not only are the characters drawn with precision by Salamanca, though the colors pop with so much emotion!

In conclusion, I would advise to go to your local comic shop and purchase these two issues and preorder #3! You will not be disappointed!


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