Review – I Walk With Monsters #1 (Vault Comics)

  • Writing - 7.5/10
  • Art - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8/10

I Walk With Monsters #1

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Sally Cantirino
Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Vault Comics
Release Date: November 25, 2020

Jacey is out for revenge. Her past continues to haunt her and it is what drives her to find anyone that would do the things done to her and stop them. But she has something special on her side. Something monstrous.

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“Monsters Inside” I Walk With Monsters #1

Writer Paul Cornell and artist Sally Cantirino bring us on a journey of hurt, darkness, and light in I Walk With Monsters #1. In it we follow Jacey, someone very badly hurt and damaged in her youth. She and her brother were hurt by a very real and all-too-human type of monster. This drives Jacey to find anybody that would do this to anyone else and put a stop to it. Jacey, though, has something special: a friend to help on her quest for vengeance. Another monster, but a monster that hunts other monsters and strikes fear in their hearts. Follow Jacey on her journey from darkness as she starts to deal with her past in I Walk With Monsters #1.


I Walk With Monsters #1 (Vault Comics) cover B by Tim Daniel and Nathan Gooden
I Walk With Monsters #1 (Vault Comics) cover B by Tim Daniel and Nathan Gooden

Writer Paul Cornell dives headfirst into some pretty dark subjects straightway in I Walk With Monsters #1. The title is a double entendre of sorts. Our lead character literally “walks with” her friend who is a very real, beastly monster—which we will talk about later—and she also “walks with” the monsters/demons of her past, as well.

No spoilers but Jacey’s past was filled with atrocities and that is what drives her to hunt these very human and real monsters. It is a story that has not not been done before. Someone “hurt” finding serial killers, murderers, etc.… and exacting revenge on them. There are a lot of stories like that out there. Cornell puts a twist in by adding a very real monster to the story.


Jacey has a friend with her on her journey that turns into a beastly creature that dispatches these monsters they find. It is a nice little twist that adds a little flavor to the story, but also brings up a lot of questions as well, involving more supernatural aspects. I Walk With Monsters #1 starts to deal with past hurt, and it can, at times, be hard to get through, as anything involving children and abuse kind of makes you pause and take a breath for a moment.

Cornell starts off the book strong, but story-wise I feel I Walk With Monsters #1 should have been double-sized. By the end it really felt like the story was just getting started. We really do not learn that much about any of the characters and the story is still kind of vague. I think the overall vagueness of the story hurts this first issue. As much as I am intrigued by it, by the end of the first issue I still have no further understanding of the book that wasn’t given in the synopsis.


I Walk With Monsters #1 delivers some strong art. Sally Cantirino is someone I have never seen before, and she has some fantastic character work in the issue. She adds wonderful depth and realism to everyone on the pages. I love her overall design and fantastic attention to detail on the clothing for each character. Something that may get often overlooked, but she styles everyone extremely well, and the clothing looks and “feels” natural or “real”.

Catirino does wonderful facial expressions and character acting as well. In a book that deals with heavy subjects like I Walk With Monsters #1, Catirino does a great job of telling the story through characters’ faces and body posture. She also does some great scene layouts or structure, making a presence more looming or “evil”-feeling just by how she lays out the scene.

If I did have one complaint art-wise it would be that the scenes do feel a little “stiff”. I would like a little more “movement” or “energy” to some scenes. We do not get to see much of the monster/creature in this issue. Which I actually like, but the images we do see look great. Really creepy, yet intriguing, design I can’t wait to see more of.

I really loved the coloring work by Dearbhla Kelly. Wonderful uses of yellows, oranges and reds throughout the issue. It has this autumn/fall hue to the whole issue that I just adore. It also sets a delightful morose tone for the whole issue.


There is a lot to like about I Walk With Monsters #1. Strong opening scene, with great artwork. It digs into some hard subjects and keeps you guessing. The only major fall for the issue is the length and/or pacing. The first issue just feels all too short and we do not get enough story. I Walk With Monsters #1 really needed to be a double-sized issue. It would have let the story breathe a little bit more, while also let us get to know the characters more. Everything is still surrounded by this haze of vagueness. Which, overall, is not a bad thing; I just feel as a reader I needed a little more to hang onto. It would have had me excited and ready for the next issue. 

It has enough to keep me on board for the next issue, but it is just missing that little bit that would have had me chomping at the bit for it.

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