Review – The Immortal Hulk #1 (Marvel Comics)

Live Forever in The Immortal Hulk #1

If Bruce Banner dies, does the Hulk die also? When the Hulk does something bad, does that make Banner a bad person? If the Hulk is a monster, then is Banner truly human? The Immortal Hulk #1 brings these questions to light as a new era for the Green Goliath begins. The Hulk is done playing nice and trust me, you will not like him when he is angry!


The Immortal Hulk #1 (Marvel Comics) cover by Alex Ross
Cover by Alex Ross

Al Ewing is bringing the horror back in The Immortal Hulk #1. He paints a picture of Bruce Banner struggling with what exactly he is. Is he truly a good person if the Hulk can do these horrendous things? Why does the Hulk do these things? And why won’t the Hulk let Bruce Banner die? These are all very interesting questions Ewing brings up in The Immortal Hulk #1. Ewing brings back the “monster” Hulk of old with a little more horror tinge to him, as now it seems the Hulk only comes out at night and seeks revenge.

Ewing does a wonderful job of scripting a moody atmosphere with his narration in The Immortal Hulk #1. He asks these questions and more as we float through our first introduction to this “new” version of the Hulk. The story itself is nothing new but it sets up the series well, introduces us to some new characters and sets up the status quo for this series or this story arc. That part makes the 1st issue a little hard to judge. The story itself is a one and done type story, but it sets up what this version of the Hulk will be.


Joe Bennett on pencils and Ruy Jose on inks do some fantastic work in The Immortal Hulk #1. Bennett nails the size and more horror-tinged elements of the Hulk. Bennett has some great detailed work and I love that he adds all kinds of background detail to the pages. It makes the comic feel “whole.” Ruy Jose’s inking adds in that extra bit of detail to bring everything to life. He has some great bold lines that make the pages come to life.

There are some truly wonderful pages throughout The Immortal Hulk #1. Throughout the issue, characters describe the Hulk as “the Devil” and the art team brings that to life. In several instances, they give the Hulk this devilish/sinister grin. His teeth are clenched and he has this look in his eyes that is haunting. There is a fantastic two-page spread of a close up of the Hulk that is mesmerizing with its detail. 

Paul Mounts’ colors work well with the more horror-themed story. He adds a little darker tinge to the nighttime scenes that plays up the horror element and brings forth the darker tone of the series. There is a great shot of a moonlit night sky with the clouds having a black/purple hue to them that is fantastically eerie. 

I guess my main complaint art-wise would be that besides the Hulk himself, who has a wonderfully expressive face, the other “human” characters are a little dull and un-animated. I would also like the scenes to feel a little bit less stagnant. The characters have no real “movement” to them.


Overall I enjoyed The Immortal Hulk #1. I like the more horror-themed take on the Hulk and the questions that arise. The art is great and fits the mood and tone of the story perfectly. It is hard to judge from here where exactly the story is going to go and how it will unfold. It is a new, interesting take on the Hulk, and while I did not love everything about it, this first issue definitely has me coming back for #2.

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