Review – Invocations (Black Library)

Invocations: A Warhammer Horror Anthology

Book Title: Invocations

Book Description: “A terrifying collection of short horror stories from across the Worlds of Warhammer. An Imperial Priest extracts a monstrous confession; a widower embarks on a doomed pilgrimage; a witch hunter returns to the place of his nightmares… Invocations is Black Library’s second Warhammer Horror anthology, featuring more short stories set in the chilling hellscape of the 41st millennium and the arcane gloom of the Mortal Realms. From the whispering corridors of abandoned hospitals to the shrieking dungeons of ghostly castles, this collection of sinister stories further explores the unspeakable evil at large in the Warhammer worlds."

Book Author: various

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Black Library

Publisher Logo:

Date published: December 10, 2019

Number Of Pages: 352

  • Writing - 9/10
  • Development - 9/10
  • Overall - 9/10


Contains the following stories:

Lora Gray – He Feasts Forever
Ray Cluley – Flesh and Blood
Richard Strachan – The Growing Seasons
David Annandale – The Hunt
Steven Sheil – The Healer
Nick Kyme – Stitches
Peter McLean – Blood Sacrifice
Jake Ozga – Supplication
David Annandale – The Summons of Shadows
C. L Werner – A Sending from the Grave
David Annandale – From the Halls, the Silence
Justin D. Hill – The Confession of Convict Kline

Invocations is a dark and twisted anthology, containing twelve stories from the world of Warhammer 40k. These tales range from horrors of the Warp to the crimes that humans are willing to commit, and everything in between.

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A Collection of Horror in Invocations

Invocations is a short story collection from the Warhammer Horror line, which should be fairly self-explanatory. This novel contains twelve haunting and thrilling tales, all set within the Warhammer 40k universe—but with a dark twist.

Invocations - Warhammer Horror AnthologyTo be fair, the world of Warhammer is actually very well suited to the horrors of the night. The Warp alone is host to plenty of those very nightmares, and they do a decent job of finding their way out. Truly, that is one of many reasons why horror works so well in this world. This collection does an excellent job of showcasing the variety and depth that can be found—in all of its disturbing clarity.

In this collection you’ll find: He Feasts Forever by Lora Gray; Flesh and Blood by Ray Cluley; The Growing Seasons by Richard Strachan; The Hunt by David Annandale; The Healer by Steven Sheil; Stitches by Nick Kyme; Blood Sacrifice by Peter McLean; Supplication by Jake Ozga; The Summons of Shadows by David Annandale; A Sending from the Grave by C.L. Werner; From the Halls, the Silence by David Annandale; and The Confession of Convict Kline by Justin D. Hill.

Horrifying Tales

Invocations is an excellent collection of some of the shorter horror stories to come from this franchise. More importantly, some of the better-known authors from the Warhammer Horror line appear here.

Unsurprisingly, given that this is an anthology, the writing styles and subject matter are dramatically different from one to the next. Yet thanks to that common theme, they all still flow together quite nicely.

In this instance, by “quite nicely” I mean perfect to scare your socks off. It doesn’t matter if you want to read these all in one go, or if you want to savor them and read one a night. Either way, the odds are good that the stories are going to linger with you. I know they did for me.

What really impressed me about this anthology was just how many stories could be turned to horror in this world—without any semblance of repetition. None of these stories overlap, either in location or theme. It’s impressive, and just a little bit terrifying. Think about it—there are that many terrors in the Warhammer universe, that this makes sense.

Horror Highlights

As with any anthology, there are short stories in Invocations that simply stood out in my mind. They’re the most haunting, or the most graphic, or possibly even the best written. Starting with The Hunt, the first story in this collection. I loved this one for the Cask of Amontillado vibes it let off.

Meanwhile, Lora Gray’s writing is arguably the most brutal tales, and Nick Kyme’s works don’t shy on the graphic nature either. Personally, the tale told within The Healer really stuck out, not just for the horrifying implications, but due to the unique tone of the story itself.

Other highlights included Supplication; the story of a man who gave everything to his empire, only to realize the true cost too late. Flesh and Blood, a graphic and thriller tale that knew that what was left unsaid can sometimes be more horrifying than what can be spoken. And Stitches, the tale of one warped field doctor and his unfortunate patients.


All things considered, Invocations is the perfect short story collection for anybody hoping to dive right on into the world of Warhammer Horror. It showcases a comprehensive example of what is out there. While still providing all of the chills, thrills, and gore that fans could want. Especially for this time of year.

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