Review – Iron Fist #80 (Marvel Comics)

A “Hell” of an Ending in Iron Fist #80

Orson Randall is ready for his next opponent in his battle for his soul in Iron Fist #80. Randall made a deal with the devil that he would beat 24 opponents in 24hrs. Well, this next opponent just so happens to be Danny Rands half-sister! Now Danny Rand must formulate a plan to save Fat Cobra, Cobra’s mother, Orson, his sister and his very own soul! Hell is literally packed and the demons are thirsty for blood! Does Danny Rand stand a chance or will he be forever damned in Iron Fist #80?


So, Iron Fist #80 is the series finale for this current run. Starting with issues 1-7 and the other issues being Legacy numbered with #73-80. Ed Brisson stayed as the writer for all 14 issues. I was a big fan of what he was doing with the character of Danny Rand. The Kung-Fu tournament epic that started the arc and then the team-up with Sabertooth and saving K’un-Lun was great. These last three issues have been a tie-in with the Doctor Strange: Damnation event going on. Starting with issue #78 Danny Rand has been trapped in “Hell”.  I like the idea of the whole situation with Danny having to fight for his soul and meeting up with Orson and Fat Cobra.  Not to mention Kung-Fu vs demons fits quite well with what Ed Brisson has been doing.  

Iron Fist #80 (CA) Jeff Dekal
Iron Fist #80 Cover by Jeff Dekal

However, Iron Fist #80 just does not feel like it was executed well.  It might be because it had to be rushed due to being canceled or the story had to fit into the Doctor Strange: Damnation storyline. It could be any of those things or it could just be me. Brisson has been doing a solid job on this series and this feels a little rushed to be the end. I really wanted to like what was going on but something was missing to pull it all together for me.


Iron Fist #80 also ends Damian Couceiro’s three-issue run on the series. Couceiro’s more “cartoony” animated style was a big departure from Mike Perkins realistic character depictions. Couceiro does some great work on this issue.  He showcases some great fight scenes and lays out the book superbly well. Andy Troy has been a beast with the colors throughout this series and how he seamlessly adapted from Perkins style to Couceiro shows what a pro he is. 

I like Damian Couceiro’s art.  He has done great work on this series and other comic book series I have enjoyed. That being said I am not sure his style fits this story.  Especially following someone who has a very opposite style from his. It is not that the art is bad.  It is far from that, just for me it does not feel like it fits the tone the story was going for.


I have really liked this Iron Fist series since it started and it has been one of my favorite Marvel Comics on the shelves. I hate to see it go out like this. It feels like Ed Brisson had some bigger ideas that had to get smashed together and or sidelined. It is not that Iron Fist #80 is bad, but I feel like it could have been so much more if given more time. So, that being said Iron Fist #80 does leave Danny Rand in an interesting place in his life. I will be excited to see if/when he gets a new series if these plot points are picked back up. Plus Danny still has to help save Las Vegas in Doctor Strange: Damnation #4.

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