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So… come, boy, choose life or death

Some big news came out Thursday at San Diego Comic Con from Marvel Comics. They have signed an exclusive deal with ComiXology to release some digital first titles exclusively on their format. It is not known yet what other titles will be released on this platform but we know one for sure and it is available to read now! The first title announced, Iron Fists, is a six issue mini series that was originally slated to come out as part of Marvel NOW in July of 2016. 

Iron Fists #1
Iron Fists #1

Iron Fists is a direct sequel to Kaare Andrews 12 issue Iron Fist The Living Weapon series that ran from 2014-2015 that was written and drawn by Kaare Andrews. Iron Fists #1 follows Pei, young monk girl from the mystical city of K’un L’un, that was originally introduced in Iron Fist The Living Weapon. She bares the mark of The Iron Fist after Davos killed “Gork” (a baby dragon incarnation of Shou-Lao the Undying). She has the power of the Iron Fist but does not have much training. Danny Rand takes her under his wing as her Thunderer to teach her the ways of the Iron Fist. As Pei adjusts to city life and her new school, Danny finds something strange happening in the city. With helping Pei and now fighting demons Danny Rand is going to have his hands full!


Afu Chan handles the drawing of Iron Fists #1 and it is a definite departure from Kaare Andrews style from Iron Fist The Living Weapon. Chan has a very cartoony style that is very different from Karre’s more energetic loose art style. Chan gives Iron Fists #1 a very “animated” look and feel to it and I am not totally sure how I feel about it. I am really not digging how he draws characters faces and body proportions. They seem way off and honestly in some panels Danny Rand’s face looks disturbing. Chan’s art really threw me off and took me out of “world” of the book right away. That being said the last few pages of the two fight scenes got me a little bit more into it, maybe because the art was not as focused on characters faces and the scenes felt like they fit his style a little better may have had something to do with it. The colors also feel a little flat on this series. The flat colors really bring the “vibe” of the book down and make it less energetic. The art really does not “feel” like it is fitting the story well at all and really just seems out of place.


I was a really big fan of Kaare Andrews Iron Fist The Living Weapon run and when this series was announced last year I was very excited to see Pei back and have a follow up to her story. Kaare Andrews delivers a very intriguing story in Iron Fists #1. It is too bad the art just does not fit the series. The faces and characters just feel really out of place and take the reader out of the story. If you are looking for an Iron Fist book I would still have to say just pick up Ed Brisson’s current Iron Fist (the first five issues are available now) it is easy for a new reader to get into and delivers a heck of a Kung-Fu story. Still, check out Iron Fists #1 and make your own opinion. If you haven’t tried out Comixology Unlimited you can do a 30-day free trial and read it for free, so that is hard to complain about.

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