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Ironheart 2020 #2

Writers: Vita Ayala & Danny Lore
Artist: David Messina
Colorist: Mattia Iacono
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Released: June 17th, 2020
Maturity Rating: T+

Riri Williams is back in Ironheart 2020 #2, once again she’s embroiled in a situation that merges events from Iron Man 2020 and Outlawed, and all of the difficulties that come with them.


Heroes Make Tough Decisions in Ironheart 2020 #2


Riri’s involvement in the Iron Man 2020 arc continues in Ironheart 2020 #2. Following the events of Outlawed, Riri has had to make several difficult decisions. Admittedly, the latest series of events hasn’t made her life any easier.

She thought she had made her decision and that would be that, but when has life ever been that easy and simple for a superhero? A teenage one at that. Now she’s getting pulled back into the fray, and all thanks to her friend N.A.T.A.L.I.E. – and Tony’s tech.

For fans that haven’t been following Iron Man 2020, don’t worry. You can dive right into Riri’s side without much of an issue. Though you should probably have a basic understanding of the events in Outlawed or accept that spoilers are headed your way.


Ironheart 2020 #2 Writer: Danny Lore, Vita Ayala Penciler: David Messina Cover Artist: Woo Chul Lee
Ironheart 2020 #2 Writer: Danny Lore, Vita Ayala Penciler: David Messina Cover Artist:
Woo Chul Lee

Ironheart 2020 #2 is everything we could have hoped for, and then some. Riri’s struggles have always been so poignant, but they feel so much more intense and real than ever before. Perhaps that’s because of the difficult decision she’s made recently.

Regardless, Vita Ayala and Danny Lore did a freaking fantastic job with this issue. There was a message woven into the narrative, as well as several other beautiful points. All of which came alongside a story about a hero we love so much.

Looking back on it, I am extremely impressed by what was done here. Ironheart 2020 #2 merged two major events, and it did so flawlessly. It’s hard enough to blend a solid plot with one major event, so this is a feat that deserves to be acknowledged.

I don’t know when we’ll be seeing Riri next, or in what form her story will be in, but I know we’ll see her again. I’m looking forward to that moment while appreciating what was done here, and what it means to her character – and her fans.


The artwork behind Ironheart 2020 #2 is so vibrant and alive. Her series has always been so full of color, but it feels like all of that has been let loose here. Her world is as vibrant as her suit, filled with tech and colors all around.

It certainly makes for a visually compelling issue to read, and that’s before diving into the rest of the artwork. The lovely colors were done by Mattia Iacono, while the lead artist was David Messina. They did a great job laying the foundation for this issue.

There’s a real sense of drama and movement on these pages. Riri’s emotions feel real and raw, and it brings the point of her struggle home in a way that is hard to explain with mere words. There’s no doubt that the artwork added to the impact of her tale here.

Meanwhile, VC’s Joe Caramagna provided the lettering, and that was exactly the finishing touch this series needed. It’s a perfect match to the narrative and art style, all while being so carefully placed, never interfering, but creating something in the process.


Ironheart 2020 #2 is every bit the issue that the fans deserved while providing us insight into two very different events occurring within the Marvel universe. It isn’t every day you see a crossover such as this, but I have to admit that it was beautifully done.




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