Review – Isola Volume 1 (Image Comics)

Isola Volume 1 (Image Comics) cover (detail) by Karl Kerschl and MSASSYK
Isola Volume 1 (Image Comics)
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Isola Volume 1

Writer: Brenden Fletcher
Artist: Karl Kerschl
Colorist MSASSYK (Michele Assarasakorn)
Lettering: Aditya Bidikar
Publisher: Image Comics

Pierre checks out Isola Volume 1 from Image Comics, which collects the first story arc of the fantasy series.

 A Supernatural Twist Awaits In Isola Volume 1 


In Isola Volume 1, a gorgeous fantasy series from Image Comics, a cursed Queen is led under the protection of a member of her guard. This warrior longs to reach Isola, a fabled land that may be able to undo her curse. The path to this land, (assuming it even exists), is fraught with danger and hungry for the blood of Queen Olwyn.


Isola Volume 1 (Image Comics) cover by Karl Kerschl and MSASSYK
Cover by Karl Kerschl and MSASSYK

At the start of this series, I was begging for some exposition. Instantly intriguing as it may be, most of the read time in the first few issues of Isola is shrouded in mystery. So thankfully there’s plenty of reasons to stay engaged until the meat and potatoes of the story arrive. Moreover, Rook’s adventure with Queen Olwyn turns out to be one full of supernatural and political intrigue.

Isola is a wonderful addition to Image’s bravely diverse lineup. Captain Rook is a fascinating protagonist as her fierce loyalty to her Queen never falters. This fierce loyalty eventually costs her a great deal. Her determination and her lack of hesitation to fight, (or kill), reminds me of one of my favorite comic book heroines: Okoye of Black Panther.

The dynamic between Captain Rook and Queen Olwyn grows interesting as the series progresses. Later issues in the collection leave plenty of room for speculation. I strongly wonder if there’s some potential for romance between these two women. This would not be the first time Brenden Fletcher explored race and sexuality. Fletcher’s other addictive hit title, Motor Crush, has a black lesbian as the lead character.

Fletcher tells another enthralling tale on a far grander scale than ever. Where Motor Crush has a high octane appeal, Isola feels like reading your favorite high fantasy novel. Fans of Fletcher will want more and will be receiving far more than expected.


Immediately upon opening the pages of Isola, Karl Kerschl‘s work is nothing short of stunning. The character designs, various races, different species, hybrids, and lush settings enhance the story. Even minor characters in Isola Volume 1 clearly have been given the same amount of detail as the main cast.


Altogether, Isola Volume 1 is a beautifully crafted and expertly written fantasy series well worth reading. Although this edition collects issues 1-5 of the series, I wanted so much more. Isola feels like an animated fantasy film waiting to happen at its beginning.  By its cliffhanging end, it feels like a crime that there’s no adaptation attached to it as of yet.

Thankfully, this is not the end of the series. The adventures of Captain Rook and Queen Olwyn return in January 2019. These next few months of waiting in anticipation will feel like torture to fans. Thankfully, volume one proves that Isola is a title well worth following.


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