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Jennika #2

Writers: Brahm Revel (Main), Ronda Pattison (Backup)
Artists: Brahm Revel (Main), Megan Huang (Backup)
Colors: Brahm Revel (Main), Ronda Pattison (Backup)
Letterers: Brahm Revel (Main), Shawn Lee (Backup)
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: March 25, 2020

Jennika finds an old friend from her past that makes an extravagant claim, but can he be trusted? And what if what he says is true?


Trust Issues in Jennika #2

Jennika #2 finds our hero in a tough spot that even her shell may not handle. Jennika has recently found a “friend” from her past. He has also been recently mutated by Old Hob’s bomb and resides in Mutant Town. Jennika wishes not much to do with him, trying to steer clear of her sketchy past life. But he offers something she can’t pass up… a possible cure for their mutations. Could this be the answer Jennika is looking for? With her own recent transformation and loss of her mentor, Splinter, her life has been off the rails; could this be the thing to get it back on track or will this just be another false hope and a way to get her back into her old life?


Jennika #2 (IDW Publishing) cover by Brahm Revel
Jennika #2 (IDW Publishing) cover by Brahm Revel

I like that Brahm Revel continues to dig into Jennika’s past. We really don’t know too much about her. This issue and the previous issue have helped flesh her out a bit more now. I am surprised they have brought up a “cure” for mutations this early. I highly doubt it will turn out to be true, or that Jennika will take it. But it does bring up some interesting character points for her that Revel focuses a bit on in Jennika #2.

Revel does a good job of bringing out her emotions in this min-series. She has been through a lot, from changing into a giant turtle, to losing Splinter, and her split-up with boyfriend Casey Jones. The Casey and Jennika split-up hasn’t got much “air time” but there are few hints here again about it that speak to how things are between them. 

I am interested to see what happens from here, but the pacing is a bit weird. With only one issue left, I am not exactly sure how this wraps up. I don’t think there will be any drastic changes, but who knows?

The backup story by Ronda Pattison is okay. Nothing spectacular; it is a fun little story of Jennika trying to be “normal”.


I feel Brahm Revel has one of those art styles that you either like or do not like. It has a rough, sketchy type feel to it. It is very animated and cartoonish. I, for one, dig it a lot. It gives a nice textured feel to Jennika #2 and has a nice sense of motion through the book. 

Revel paints over the backgrounds with different solid colors on different pages. Pinks, yellows, etc. I like it, at times, as it really helps you focus on the characters and what is happening, but other times it does muddle the background detail a bit. So, it always doesn’t work for me visually. 

I really love the lettering from Revel on the main issue. He does a lot of onomatopoeia to enhance the action going on. Shawn Lee also always does incredible lettering work.

I was a little upset with the backup story art. I was hoping to see more from Jodi Nishijima, who did the art in the previous issue. Megan Huang has a good style, but it feels very bland and boring. It did not add anything of substance to the story.


Jennika #2 continues to delve into the past and future of Jennika. With the promise of a cure, will she fall back into her old ways? Brahm Revel delivers another exciting look into her life. If you want to know more about the character of Jennika this is a nice look into her “new” life. The backup story is okay, nothing really to note from the story or art, though.

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